Carnival Cruise - Bahamas | March 2013

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Our first time on a cruise! 5 days 4 nights on the Carnival Sensation. We drove to Port Canaveral, and whew! That was a long almost 12 hours drive! Totally worth it though! Our first stop was Freeport, Bahamas and then Nassau, Bahamas where we swam with Dolphins!! I recommend going on at least one cruise in your life time. This will definitely not be our last! We want to do a Disney Cruise in the future!

Freeport Bahamas - We didnt have anything specific planned except to wander and explore the island. It was gloomy at first, but the sun eventually came out. It was also super windy, but not chilly. The water was this aqua color. It was nice and warm, and very salty! For lunch, we grabbed some daquiris served in a coconut! It was delicious! We also tried some Conch ceviche and oh my goodness, I still crave it some times! I wish we had bought a whole tub of it and brought it home with us! It was that good! 

Nassau, Bahamas - It started to pour just before we got on the boat for Blue Lagoon where we had reserved for the Dolphin Swim. The boat was delayed for a few minutes, but we still got to the lagoon in time for our session! The session started with a brief 15 minute class informing us of what we should expect and the safety's. Swimming with the Dolphins was the highlight of this trip! Its been on my bucket list. I dont have pictures cuz John mostly took videos.

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