Charlottesville, Va - June 2013

Saturday, June 28, 2014

This trip was for our 3rd Wedding Anniversary. We decided instead of buying each other things, we'd spend it on a get away. So after Luray Caverns, we stayed the night in Charlottesville so that we can explore the city some more. Charlottesville is where UVA is located at (University of Virginia). The campus is definitely something I wasn't used to seeing. A pretty campus indeed! John & I went wine tasting at Jefferson’s Vineyard, then headed off to Monticello the following day before heading back home.

On the drive up to Monticello! Thomas Jefferson's home. It was neat being able to go inside his house and his property. The house, compared to today's standards, wasnt the biggest, but Im sure back in the day it was a mansion! I imagined how life was like back in his days, no cars, travel by horses. Oh boy! The property was pretty and there was a farm and all these other agriculture related things. It started pouring for a good 15 minutes so we were stuck inside one of the little house around the property, before catching the bus back to the visitor center.

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