Disneyland - Anaheim, Ca - Summer 2010

Sunday, June 01, 2014

This isn't our first trip to Disneyland, but I cant seem to find any of the ones from all the previous years we went. This trip was after our wedding and we took our family who was visiting from Australia. They were all so excited because it was their first time in America. 

Edited (March 27, 2015) --

I FOUND THEM!! I was looking through my extran hard drives for other pictures and ended up finding them! 

I think this trip was our first trip to Disneyland together. Circa 2005? I cant remember. But we went with John's family for Josh's birthday. Yes! Wait I do remember. This trip was a few days after my first major car accident! My mom wasn't gonna let me go, but I was all better by then so I insisted on going. Im glad I did. I remember it being such a fun trip!

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