Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Glad you're here! Whats with the blog name? Simple--

Definition of ADVENTURE:

     1    b :  the encountering of risks 

     2       :  an exciting or remarkable experience

Life itself is an adventure. We don't have to go very far to find it. Things that occur daily can be an adventure, its up to you to make it one. This blog serves as a journal and collection of 'exciting and remarkable' life experiences together as husband and wife, in both our everyday lives and through travel. The EJJE part is our first and middle initials combined together. That started back our sophomore year in high school, about a year after we started dating, it was just a quick way to label us. Corny, I know! Ha! The birth of 'Adventures of EJJE' started back in 2012 after our zip-lining shenanigans at GoApe and I started documenting our lives via video diaries or "vlogs" and would post them via youtube.

We started dating back our freshman year in high school (2002), and have been married since 2010. Time sure does fly! We both grew up in San Diego, California and because John decided to join the military after high school, we are now residing in Virginia.  

We try and visit a place we’ve never been at least once a year, whether it be near or far, just as long as we go somewhere! With the career path John has chosen, we were fortunate enough to  see different parts of our country. Although we have only seen and visited a small portion, we want to slowly cross off places and things from our every growing bucket list!

We’re also both into photography so everything and every place are always documented; through pictures and/or videos. I have a separate site for our photography business if anyone is interested.

The Hugos 

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