New York, NY - December 2012

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Off to NYC we went again! This was my third visit to the city and I swear there's always something new to do. We went for New Years Eve with another couple (our housemates). They're foodies, so we did a lot of eating and trying new food, plus his cousin was showing us around, which helped! It was hard walking around cuz it was freezing and snowing! We only stayed until the day of New Years Eve because we didn't wanna join all the crazies and the large crowds! When we take a trip up to NYC, we typically stay in New Jersey and take the subway to Time Squares. Its such a hassle, but saves money specially during this time of the year!

I've always wanted to come to NYC during the winter! We walked around central park and watched the people ice skate at Bryants Park as well as the skaters at Rocafeller center! It was so magical with the snow falling! It was definitely the New York I've always watched on tv during the holidays!

This was our first time visiting the 9/11 fountain/Memorial, the first few times we went, these were all still under construction. I remember the first time we went, I cried behind the fences of the construction site. This time, the feelings were the same. They did amazing with the waterfalls. I had no words. I just stood there for a brief moment in silence. 

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