Zip lining @ Go Ape - September 2012 | Video Diary

Monday, June 16, 2014

I took John out for some nature fun and zip lining adventures for his birthday. This was when we first started to document our travels and adventures via 'vlogs' and its also how we came about the name (& now hashtag) 'Adventures of EJJE'... it was originally our youtube name. I haven't kept up with the vlog. I used to do daily ones, but work and life got in the way! Ha! Now I just upload travels. Vlogs <-- click here for more videos.

This was both our first time out here and zip lining! I was nervous but excited at the same time! We had to go through several tree top course, some were harder than others, and at the end of each course we ziplined our way down to do it all over again. The last course ended with a 600ft zip line through the woods! It was a fun experience and I definitely wanna try a higher one in the future!

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