New York City & Saratoga Springs, NY- Summer 2008

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

 So back in 2008, I spent 6 weeks of my summer vacation with John in upstate NY (Saratoga Springs/Ballston Spa, NY) where he was doing his last phase of schooling. It's a quiet and small town, something I wasn't used to. It was nice. There were a lot of lakes and trees! They only had 1 Wal-Mart, 1 Target and 1 mall, and their downtown was a small strip. It was a nice little get away from the big city though. After a few weeks of my stay, and when John finally had a long weekend off, we drove up to New York City! It was my first time and I have always wanted to see the big apple! It was so overwhelming at first cuz there were so many things to do and see! We checked out the main attractions as well as going on a water taxi thing around the Lady Liberty. It was pretty awesome! We went again when my sister came into town.

On one of John's day off, we went kayaking for the first time at Lake Lonely. Such a sad name for a lake! We were the only ones out on the lake at that time. Im sure there were more people, but not in the area we were at. It was tiring! Im just glad it didnt rain, because the weather out there was bipolar!

While visiting John, I also got my first tattoo the same time John got his 4th one. It was my 21st birthday gift from him! It was a spur of the moment, but I loved it and still do! I hardly ever see it because its on my back. Ha!

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