Salt Lake City, UT

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Who would have thought that we'd end up in Salt Lake City, UT!? Neither did we. But we had to fly out for my college graduation (along with my family) a few weeks ago.
We stayed at the Plaza Hotel in Downtown and it was so convenient! Everything was within walking distance, and if we wanted to go further the trolley or metro was right across the street. We were able to see most of the attractions in the downtown area, I wish we had more time to check out the trails and hike them! We did get to see a beautiful park called, International Peace Park. It had different stations that represent different countries. We were surprised to see a Philippine flag up! That was neat! The city overall had a slower and quieter vibe than I was used to. Not too many people were out at night. Some areas seemed really dead and quiet. The Mormon Temple was big and beautiful, and the view from the state's capital was amazing! We were able to watch the sunset from the top (which btw, didnt set til 9pm!!) This is definitely not our last trip to Utah, because we want to check out Zion National Park next!

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