Day 3 - London, UK - Parks and palaces! | November 8, 2014

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

After having seen all the major attractions of London, we went ahead and checked out some of the beautiful parks! First stop was Regent Park. It was a nice sunny morning and
a lot of people were at the park. We were talking about how life would be if we lived there! Yeah, a couple can dream. After strolling around the park, we headed off to the famous Abbey Road where the Beatles shot their album cover.

When we got to Abbey road (& Abbey House) it was about 11:00am, and we were told we had just missed the some of the Dallas Cowboys players and cheerleaders. That would have been interesting! You're probably wondering why the heck they were there? It was the NFL Experience weekend in London, where the Jags and Cowboys played against each other. Anyway, there were a lot of tourist taking turns crossing the crosswalk. Some cars honked because people were talking too long to walk across. Luckily, we had our GoPro with us attached to a monopod and we just used that to capture ourselves crossing vs. having to ask someone to take it for us. 
After that, we took the underground and headed to Oxford Circus for lunch. Im assuming it was their shopping districts because it was rows and rows and blocks of stores from local shops to high end shops. We werent planning on shopping, but why the heck not? We are on vacation right? We didnt splurge, but we did buy a few things. 
Next stop on the agenda was Kensington Palace. By the time we got there, it started to get gloomy and dark. We were able to walk around the exterior of the palace and the garden, but we didnt get a chance to see Princess Diana's statue and playground area because on our way there, it started pouring!! Luckily we both brought umbrellas with us, so we were prepared! So we just ended up taking a bus near the underground so that we can get to Piccadilly Circus cuz John really wanted to take me there. He went during his first visit in London and said it reminded him of NYC's Time Square, which was true. As soon as we got out of the underground, it was super bright with all the billboards and lights shining. It woke me up. We walked around and did some shopping for souvenirs since it was our last day before heading back to Paris. 
Overall, I had a wonderful first visit to London! It was short, but well worth the trip! All the delicious food we ate, the places we saw... I'll never for get them! 

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