Day 2 - London, UK - Being tourists! | November 8, 2014

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

We tried to get an early start on the second day. We were up and out by 9:30am and our first stop was Buckingham Palace. We got there just in time for the Changing of the Guards. It was cool to see, but I dont think i would stand and do it again in the future. I got squished
by all these people, and then I was constantly worrying bout pick pocketers! Haha! So that lasted about an hour of our time, before headed to start walking towards St. James Park... it was beautiful! We went through the park to get to Westminster. This is John's second time in London so he remembered where some areas were, but we had a handy dandy app to help us get around.

The day went as any normal tourists would go about doing. Since its our first visit in London (well, mine) I definitely wanted to see the "touristy" spots around town, and to be able to stand in front of some of these famous spots was just surreal. After seeing Westminster during the day, we decided to take the underground to Borough Market for lunch! We were trying to avoid eating at a restaurant, so we wanted to know how it feels to be a local and joined the locals at Borough Market! It was fun. I loved all the out door market and eateries. After lunch, we walked towards "London Bridge" and I was singing the little tune and John says to stop because it was freaking him out. Idk why! Haha! We did a lot of walking this day.
We had reservations for the London Eye at 4:00 p.m., just in time for the sunset, and it was beautiful. The golden hour, my favorite time of day... oh man! It was breathtaking. It was a 30 minute ride, which was perfect, because by the time we got out, the sun was just setting. So John takes out our handy dandy gorillapod to get some night shots of the city. We walked some more, ended up from one end to the other. At about 5:30 we headed to Westminster Abbey to attend and Evensong service. Im so glad we chose to do this vs. booking a tour! We were able to see the Abbey for what it was, and the children's choir was superb! We werent allowed to take pictures inside, but all I can say is it was beautiful inside. I still cant believe we attended a service at the Abbey! For anyone planning on going to London, whether youre religious or not, I suggest you attend one. Its free. 
We decided to finally eat dinner around 7:30pm. I dont remember the name of the place, but the green curry katsu dinner I had was delicious!! Oh my goodness! I still crave it sometimes! After dinner, we went and checked out the Tower of London before heading to the Tower Bridge. By this time I was already so exhausted from all the walking and sight seeing we did. I sort of struggled to walk back to the underground cuz my feet were hurting! But it was definitely worth it!! 

Ps- The pictures arent the original files, I have them saved on my external hard drive, but its downstairs and Im currently immobile, so I just grabbed them from facebook. So quality isnt the best. =|

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