Last day in Paris - Day 3 | November 11, 2014

Saturday, December 13, 2014

To start off our day, we grabbed a quick breakfast on the go at the Eiffel Tower before hopping on the bus and heading to Jardin du Luxembourg. It was a nice, warm day. It was perfect for strolling
around the gardens. We watched little kids play with boats on the fountain area. People were lounging and napping or reading a book. It was a nice day to just sit and relax. With our last full day in Paris, we decided to take the tour bus out to Montmartre District and Moulin Rouge.

After strolling around the gardens, we took the tour bus back to the main part of the city and headed out for a quick lunch. Before the bus, I had to use the rest room really bad, & there were these public restrooms that looked like vending machines. It was so odd. It was very high tech and self cleaned it self. I felt like I was in the future of some sort! Odd right? But pretty cool! Anyway, we decided to stop and hop off the bus to just walk and explore by foot since it was warm enough to do so. We stopped by Laduree, macaron lover that I am, we had to! There was so many flavors to choose from! I ended up getting a box of 6 macarons. Pricey, but yummy! If you dont know, Laduree was the first place French Macarons were ever made! It was a quick stop we had to make prior to going about the rest of our day. 
We ended up eating lunch near this alley (I cant remember where it was) but it had flower shops outside, people selling fruits and souvenirs, and rows of restaurants and cafes. What I loved about Paris is they are very outdoorsy, despite the cold weather, they had abundant outdoor seatings in front of restaurants and cafes, and just people out going bout their day. It felt so lively. The cobblestone paths, the architecture, the people... it was nice. I could picture myself living there. But of course the possibility of that happening is very slim, with the type of work John does! lol! We decided to grab some crepes and we sat outdoors next to this young french couple. I was totally eavesdropping. I mean I didnt understand a word they said, but the language is just so beautiful!
After lunch, we walked to Love Lock Bridge, cuz you know, its one of those you cant go to Paris without putting a lock on the bridge! Haha! So we bought a heart shaped lock and John wrote "EJ (heart) JE 2014" The main bridge where it started is actually super full that some of the metal fence is falling down from the weight of the locks. I was told that some of the locks were getting cut and taken down cuz it's just getting so heavy. Crazy! But the locks are now all over in almost all the bridges in Paris! So I guess thats cool! On our way to the bus, we spotted a crowd of people near the river where the bridge was, and it looked like a photoshoot or a music video was being filmed. It was for a Korean (or we assumed they were) show or something. We watch a lot of K-dramas but we couldnt figure out who he was, must be someone new! There were surprisingly a lot of Asian people in Paris. Lol!
Anyway, after getting back on the bus, we headed off to see Moulin Rouge. John and I were the lead roles for our airband show back in high school, and our we based our storyline from the movie Moulin Rouge. So it was pretty awesome being able to see the actual place in real life! After Moulin Rouge, we headed up a steep hill up to Monmartre District. John had looked it up and was insisting we had to go, so we went. And I am so glad we did! It was the Paris that I had imagined. Windmills, french country, cobblestones, people in vespas... just the works! It was beautiful! Its so hard to put into words how I felt as we were strolling along the area. I had to keep pinching myself to make sure it was real! If you ever plan on visiting Paris, i'd say check it out! It was worth the view! It was totally french!

Another thing I noticed in Paris was all the luxury taxis - yup! They had mercedes, lexus.. and other luxury cars as taxis! What in the world!? Pretty cool! Anyway, at around 7pm, we decided to head to Champs Elysees for dinner. As it turns out, our hop on hop off bus ended at 6pm, so we were forced to take a Taxi. We strolled down Champs Elysees trying to figure out what to eat for dinner. They were setting up for the Holiday Night Market that was to start the following weekend. I kind of wished we had gone closer to the holidays so we could have seen all the lights and festivities! When we reached Champs Elysees, we opted to eat at a quick burger joint. I forgot the name. After dinner we did some shopping around the area. Went into Zara's and Top Shop and I was immediately tempted to buy clothes, but resisted! John bought a long winter coat, which was on sale. We passed the two story LV store again and John was like "do you wanna go in?!" I refused, cuz it would just be teasing me. I wouldn't have let him buy me anything when he already gifted me the trip of my dreams! So I just walked the other way and we headed back to walk to our hotel. I didnt realize how long of a walk it was! Whew! Once we get to the hotel, we rested up for a bit before going out for the last time. 
Around 10:30pm, we headed out for a walk to the Eiffel Tower. So glad we booked the hotel we were staying in, cuz it was so close! We walked to just enjoy the last few hours we had in Paris and taking in the beauty of it. We passed the carousels again, the one I really liked was closed. So we just decided to head up to the fountains across the street from the tower. It was a nice, warm night. We sat near the fountain and just enjoyed the view from there. Snapped some photos and just enjoyed each others company, along with pleny of other tourists just enjoying themselves. People were laughing, singing, shouting, and enjoying the night. It was a nice end to our trip. Then suddenly, it started to sprinkle. I knew that was cue to start heading back to the hotel. As much as I didnt want it to end, we got up, took one last look of the beautiful view in front of us, and headed back to the hotel. 
Our flight the next day was at 12:50 so we had to get up early to finish packing and make sure we made it to the airport on time. And then, our trip was over and it was back to reality.
This definitely the cherry on top for 2014! John out did himself with this trip! It was amazing! Short, but definitely fun! It was one for the books! I can't wait for our next out-of-country trip! We're thinking Australia or South Korea next, but who knows where 2015 will take us. :)

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