Tourists in Paris - Day 2 | November 10, 201

Friday, December 12, 2014

We started our day off with brunch at Angelinas (it was recommended by my cousin, as well as the "Paris" book we had). It did not disappoint! The salmon meal I had
was delicious, and that Mont Blanc (dessert), oh my goodness! Im drooling just thinking about it! So yummy! This was the only time we spent this amount for food, but totally worth the try! 

After brunch, we headed off to the L'Open Air bus tours. We got the 2 day hop on, hop off tour. Which worked out fine for us, because we didnt have to worry about which subway or bus to take to the next place because this tour bus stopped at almost all of the famous attractions and locations. We stayed on the bus until it stopped at Musee du Lourve and we decided to get off since we had reservations to see the museum. I'm not a big art buff, but John took Art History in High School and knew a lot of the stuff that was in there, well more than me atleast. The one thing I was excited to see was The Nike and The Monalisa. I was surprised to see how big the Monalisa was (or well in this case, how small). I was like "thats it!?" There was a big crowd of people and one lady nearly knocked me out trying to get a picture of it. If she did hit me, that would not have ended well! We spent about 2 hours in the Lourve before decided to head out. With the short amount of time we had, we knew we couldnt spend all day in there.

So back on the bus we went. I was glad it didnt rain cuz we were able to sit on the second deck where it was open and was able to see the city. The next stop we got off at was Notre Dame. We went in and walked around. It was dim and candles and the light from outside was the majority of light source it had. We didnt get a chance to get to the bell tower but it did ring while we were in there and I thought of the Disney Movie Hunchback! We lit some candles, said a little prayer and thanks, and then headed to get some souvenirs for my parents and our house. The architecture of majority of the buildings in Paris is definitely one of a kind. Its not something you see very often out in America. The history that comes with it as well, it fascinated me.

We went about our day doing more tourist stuff and really taking advantage of the bus tour. Being in Paris for a short amount of time, the bus tour really helped with seeing the city as best we can. We ended our day at Champs Elysees to see Arc de Triomphe. Unfortunately, it was off limits because there was some special ceremony going on! I was sad, I really wanted to climb the stairs to the top of the Arc! When we finally found a good spot to get pictures, there were so many cars blocking the Arc! Then suddenly, there was a mob of people behind us trying to get pictures as well! So we finally just gave up and left to grab dinner, before calling it a night. 

Ps- these arent the original files. Also because of the amount of pictures, I had to make some into a collage. Ha!

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