5 years later -- Massanutten Resorts

Monday, January 26, 2015

 So after 5 years, we finally hit the slopes again this past weekend. We normally would go to Wintergreen Resort, but decided we'd check this one out because they offered
military discounts! We invited a friend of ours who we usually go snowboarding with. Were used to going with a bigger crowd, but it didnt matter, it was fun either way.

As I mentioned it has been 5 years since the last time we went. I still remember our last snowboarding trip to Wintergreen, I finally built up the courage to go over the jumps, and without eating sh*t! I was so proud of myself. the adrenaline was awesome! Unfortunately, I never got a chance to try it out again, and I sure was not gonna do it this time around! I was nervous when we first got on the slope, I felt like I was snowboarding for the first time again!

However, its like riding a bike. After a few rounds down the intermediate slopes, I got the hang of things again. So the boys decide theyd trick me into going up on the "hard" slopes. It was too late to back down because they told me when we were on the lifts! The whole time I was thinking we were getting off in the middle, but nope when I was getting ready to get off, they pulled me back down and off we went all the way to the top. We were then 1800ft from the bottom of the slope, and when we got off I couldnt even see after the edge of it. I was terrified! I slowly made my way to the edge, and sat there and waited til I had enough courage to ride down. John sat there with me, and we told our friend to go ahead and go. After about 5 minutes, off I went. I went down slowly. It was steep. But as usual, the adrenaline was what made it so fun! I was just afraid of going into the woods and hitting at tree! Haha!

We had an 8 hour pass, but I only lasted about 6 hours until my back and knees and calves started to hurt, so I called it a day while the boys enjoyed the slopes some more. I hung out inside the bar/restaurant and read until they were done. We left the resort at 8 and headed off to Richmond for dinner before heading home. We didnt get home until almost 2am. The resort was nice, definitely an all season resort and we want to check it out in the Spring as well! 

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