Hiking shoes, finally!

Monday, February 23, 2015

So we've been on the look out for some hiking boots for months but was very indecisive about them. We've never owned hiking shoes before so we knew nothing about what to look for, just knew they had to be comfortable for long hikes and with a good grip. So we did some research and read reviews. I remember hiking Cedar Run and White Oaks trail in the Shenandoah National Park in my Nike Frees, and there were times where I almost slid off the rocks cuz my shoes had no grip at all! They were comfy, but lets face it, they weren't hiking shoes.

Since John and I plan on doing more hikes this year, we figured it was finally time to invest it some shoes. So we went to all the sporting places out here as well as Bass Pro Shops and tried on several ones. After several trips to the stores, John finally made up his mind on the Merrells that he first tried on. 

John found his before I did and has already broken them in! He got them at Dick's for $139. It seemed like there weren't as many options for Women in stores, so I resorted to buying online. I was back and forth about which ones I wanted: Merrell, Keens or North Face. I would read reviews and what not, til I finally stumbled on the brand Ahnu.

At first I'm like "Wth kind of brand is this?" I looked at reviews in different websites and most of them were 4.5-5 stars with good reviews. So I looked
into them and bought a pair from Amazon and used my $30 discount, and there was already a 25% off promotional for Presidents day weekend! Which was a sweet deal because I didnt want to spend over $100, my total came out to $95. 

My shoes were delivered today (it was suppose to be Friday, but with the "winter storm" there was a delay). I immediately tried them on, and oh my goodness! They are so lightweight and comfy and has a padded collar! Obviously, I have yet to test them out to its potential, but I will write about it once we do go out. I loved that the build and quality of it seems really tough and good, but it isnt ugly either, very styling for hiking boots if you ask me! I went with this style (Montara Boot Nubuck) because I loved the color combo. The Montara also features the Ahnu Numentum Hike tehcnology engineered to center and guide the foot, promoting a balanced, even stride. Plus, there's plenty of cute styles to choose from! Lol! I can't wait to try them out on the trails soon!
We both went with shoes that had a vibram outsole because we heard good things about Vibram and how well the tractions are on different surfaces, and the shoes also had to be waterproof. 

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