Snow big deal...

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

All winter I have been waiting for it to snow. It snowed a few times during January but it wasnt sticking to the ground, til finally Monday night, it came pouring down and we were expected to get up 8inches in accumulations. I hate when
it gets really cold and there isn't any snow. I was starting to believe it wasnt going to snow this year and kept saying "if its gonna be this cold, and no snow.. it might as well get over it now, and lets move on to spring weather!" Then a few days later, here we are.

We didn't really go far, just around the neighborhood and to one of our favorite trails/natural areas: Pleasure House Point. It doesn't snow much out in the south, and we only really get a few inches of it, so when it does, we always try and go out and enjoy and admire the beauty that it brings. Snow days doesn't necessarily mean stay in doors, there were plenty of kids out side! It was kind of fun to watch and it made me miss being a kid!

We also had the rest of the week off, and John was off til yesterday (only because he had duty!) So it was nice having a little break together. But now that its been a few days and we've had time to enjoy the snow, I'd like for it to start melting cuz it is feeling like 3 degrees outside with this wind chill! Im having the hardest time heating up our downstairs. Im over here bundled in sweat pants, sweatshirt and Johns robe. Ha!

I am so excited to spring. I love spring and fall the most. Im not much of a summer or winter person. I cant stand the heat and humidity out here, and Im certainly  not made for the winter out here. When it gets this cold, I start missing "winters" in San Diego. Sigh.


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