Some things come in small packages...

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

So I wrote about my hiking shoes that was delivered today, little did I know the patch and shirt that John ordered came in the mail as well! 

How funny that these two (my hiking shoes) came at the same time? Our mail is delivered after 4 pm, so just before I started on dinner I decided to run out and get the mail, and found a small package inside the mailbox, but I couldnt remember what it was cuz it was addressed to our business name! haha 

John has been following ‘We Keep Exploring’ on instagram for a while now, and we have been waiting for them to restock the patches and flag, so when we saw that the patches were back on stock, John ordered us some. He also ordered me a tee because they finally have them in women’s sizes. I cant wait for the flag to go back on sale! I cant wait to go and explore! Ive been itchin! It’s funny cuz my mantra is alwasy ‘adventures out there, go out and explore.’ So this brand was perfect!


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