Guns & Roses...

Monday, March 02, 2015

John has been in the military for a little over 8 years, and ever since then he has tried so hard to convince me about having a gun in the house. I was apprehensive about it. I just wasn't comfortable at the thought of having guns around the house, because unlike him, I didn't grow up with it around. Back in 2009 when I was visiting him in Virginia, he took me to a gun range to shoot for the first time. I cant remember what I shot with, but I know it was 9mil. It wasn't as bad as I expected it to be. Since then I have been back and forth on a decision, but sometime last year, he finally convinced me. I mean with all the crazy things that I hear on the news, he made a good point about having one for self/home defense, and ever since then I feel like he has talked about guns at least a few times a month! We went back to the same store a few times to look at guns, and today he finally decided to take me shooting to test out the different ones he was considering.

We went to Superior Pawn & Gun in Va Beach Blvd (Im not sure if its the same one he took me to our firs time), but we looked at guns first before heading upstairs to the shooting range. The first time I ever went shooting, we had to do this quick video class thing and answer questions, this time we just showed our drivers license and off we went. The guy kept Johns i.d. for security purposes while we were in the range. We started off with a Gloc 19 (thats the one he really wanted) so I wanted to see how it shot and if the recoil was bad, then we shot an XD 9mil, then a Dessert Eagle, then a Gloc 26, and i forget the other ones. I wasnt a fan of the 26 cuz the magazine pinched my pinky when I shot it, the Dessert Eagle was good, but just a tad heavy for me, and so at the end John ended up buying the Gloc 19. We first looked at the GEN4 Bronze finish, but he ended up with the Dark Earth finish GEN3. The guy was trying to convince us on getting an H&K but we didn't test it out, so John declined. John being John, of course he chose a color that wasn't black. Way to stand out bro. Haha! Now only if they had the Tiffany colored one, I would have totally convinced him to get that one! ;]

John has been reading up on reviews and has even called his step-dad (who owns several of his own) for some gun advice during the holidays, and now he's finally an owner. I guess the 'roses' part of my title is that he included me in the process, and I loved that. I loved that he even considered my opinion, took me to test them out and just over all how I felt about it and not just jump into owning one just because. But thats just his nature though. The first time he has ever shot one was in elementary school with his step-dad, so he sort of had an idea about guns. So for him to educate me about it was really important, and I guess that's what made me comfortable with the idea because I know he's responsible. He was one happy camper today! Here's to many more trips to the shooting range! I also told him I'd take him to the archery range sometime soon, since I went with my sister this past summer. 

Since were in the gun topic, here's a little throw back of my first time back in 2009. I cant believe I found it!! I guess being a "picture" hoarder is a good thing! But then again, I have a hard time deleting a lot of things specially because most of them are memories I can never get back. We were definitely a lot skinnier back then! Haha!


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