Adventure Awaits - December 2015.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Today was the big day that John would find out! It's only been 24hr since I found out, but of course I couldn't wait any longer to share the news with him! He had to stay at work overnight, which was perfect because it gave me plenty of time to plan. Last night after I blogged, I found the perfect way to tell him. I found an "adventure is out there" pregnancy announcement poem by Erika Jackson who wrote it for her husband when she announced her pregnancy. So I typed it up on to photoshop and added the famous "Up" house! After I had saved it, I was thinking about how I was going to go about presenting it to him, then I remembered we had a shadow box that we bought 2 years ago and never used. 

When I woke up today, I peed on a stick again for the 4th time, and it was certainly still positive! knew I had to prepare the stuff. So I went out and drove to Wal-Mart to buy "baby stuff" plus another box of pregnancy test, cuz you know four pregnancy test wasn't enough to convince me that I was pregnant! This time I grabbed the digital ones. I've always wanted to try those things! Haha! I spent a good 15 minutes walking around the baby section trying to figure out what I wanted to include in the shadow box. I knew that I wanted the 'Baby on Board' sign before I got to Walmart so I was glad that I found it there. I couldnt decide what else to get. I wanted to get booties, mittens, and a onesie but all of them were either 'Mommy's little man' or 'Daddy's little girl' so those were out the picture! I finally found the bib that said 'I love Daddy' on it, and the best part is that its yellow, very gender neutral! 

As soon as I got home, I went and worked on one more sign. I wanted to stick to the adventure theme so I incorporated hot air balloons in the 'Hi Daddy' sign I made! After I put them together, I had to figure out how I was gonna wrap it so that he wouldnt just rip it apart, because my plan is for him to first read the poem out loud. So i wrapped it enough to cover the sides and then cut a separate sheet just to cover the middle, finished it off with a bakers tie and waited til he got home! 

I took a quick 45 minute nap because I was running low on energy. I woke up 20 minutes before he got home. I was previewing a video of the pregnancy test I took when I got home from walmart as he was entering the garage. Luckily, I had closed my laptop in time. Whew! I got up, a little panicked. I said hello, gave him a hug and kiss and he says "Why are you so pretty today? Did you go somewhere?" I just laughed and said, 'Dont I always?' I told him I ran errands and that i started vlogging again thats why I had to atleast look decent in my videos. For those that don't know, I use to vlog regularly until life got busy again. (Visit our youtube channel! Link on the side, lol!) After taking his boots off, he walked towards the kitchen and stopped mid way as he spotted the gift on the table! I told him there was a package that came this morning and that Pax and I finished putting it together for him as our "we appreciate you gift!" So I grabbed the camera and started recording trying to play it off by saying "Hi, Im back and Johns home! He can finally open his package!" 

He went upstairs to quickly change into work out clothes because he was planning on working out after he opened the gift. I was so nervous waiting for him and trying to set up the camera on the table. I made him sit on the couch and told him to open it slowly and to start with the middle paper. He opened it and I made him read the poem out loud. He definitely got the surprise of his life when he got to the last line of the poem. He cried! His reaction was all caught on video which I'll post when we finally announce the pregnancy. Its gonna be an on going project Im doing where we record reactions of families and Im gonna include them all in one video. 

It still feels surreal! I cant believe how quickly it happened! Before John got home, I had called my doctors office to schedule an appointment to confirm pregnancy. I have one tomorrow at 8:45am! I was thinking of waiting til after my doctors appointment to tell John, but this is something I cant hide from him. I wanted to share my joy and excitement with him! I love how excited he is! This pregnancy was just as unexpected as the first time, but for some reason this time around I feel that were a little more prepared and matured to take on this role. I hope for the very best and a healthy pregnancy this time around! I can't wait to share the news with family and a few close friends! 

The 'Daddy' shadow box I quickly put together! The EPT test isn't included in it. 
The digital pregnancy test. This thing was so cool! Its my first time trying one! I love reading the word 'pregnant!'
Pax doesn't look too thrilled about not being the only baby anymore! Im sure he'll be excited to have a playmate!

Prior to this idea, I had several other possible ways I wanted to do it. During our TTC time, I knew I wanted to surprise him and not tell him as soon as I found out. Timing was on my side because I found out the day he had duty! So he wasnt even home and I was definitely not gonna tell him over a text or the phone! The following was a list of ideas I had:

1. The watch gift box idea - I was gonna buy those long gift boxes where you put watches or bracelets in, but instead put the pregnancy test and tell him that I got him something really expensive. Of course he would have thought it'd be a watch! 

2. The delivery idea - I was gonna stuff the envelope with baby stuff with books and the pregnancy test in a packaging envelope and put it in the mailbox and have him get the mail. But knowing John he opens packages as he is walking to the house so I knew I didnt want him to do it outside.

3. The bun in the oven - this idea would have been cool too because John had just made bun the night before I found out! But knowing him, it would have taken him a while to get the message! 

The Adventure idea was perfect!! We had already agreed prior to conceiving that if we did have a baby he/she would have an adventure nursery theme incorporating Disney's UP & Dr. Seuss' Oh the Place You'll Go! So I knew I had to incorporate adventure in my announcement! I found Erika Jackson's poem by luck! It couldn't have been more perfect!!! John said the whole time he was reading the poem, he thought I had bought plane tickets somewhere and we were gonna go on an unexpected adventure! Silly! He was certainly right about the unexpected adventure! Sorry this has been a long read, Im just so happy!! Stay tuned for more baby lovin' updates! 

Here's to an adventure of a lifetime!!


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