April showers...

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Oh gloomy days! Its been gloomy and chilly today (pretty odd for the end of April) and now its raining. John was out cleaning the garage after we came home from errands and eating lunch with friends, while I tried to take a nap. I have been feeling miserable the last week and a half and not because of nausea, but because of allergies and what could possibly be 'pregnancy rhinitis' as well. I know when its allergies because my eyes and face start to itch as well. But lately my nose has just been stuffed and so I looked it up and there's such thing as 'pregnancy rhinitis,' so Im definitely going to have to ask my OB about it because I have difficulty breathing and its frustrating! I have nasal congestion and leaves my nose all stuffed, so at night Ive been sleeping with my mouth open so Id wake up with dry mouth. But I keep telling myself all of this will be worth it. John bought me a humidifier the other day to help ease any irritation I may have at night. I have been able to sleep better lately and getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep, and just waking up once in the middle of the night to use the bathroom.

Lets get carried away together! A few days ago I stumbled upon this pregnancy app! It has been my favorite of the 4 apps I have! Its called Ovia Pregnancy. My favorite thing about it is the calendar and the milestones! I love how easy it is to track anything. I also love the cute hand size thing! Lately I've only been going on this app and the Bump app for pregnancy infos. I like the group section in the Bump app because theres one for December 2015 Mommas. I havent posted on the social groups yet, but I like reading some peoples experiences that are similar to mine.

Fatigue still gets me during the day, so taking any jobs right now is a struggle because by noon all I want to do is sleep, plus not being able to breathe has been making me a little moody too. I struggle to get up in the morning, but I have to force myself because I'm usually super hungry or I really have to pee either one will get me up. So lately the struggle has been trying to breathe, and the choice between sleep or satisfying my hunger. The joys of pregnancy! :) I try not to google too much also because I just freak myself out and worry and I dont need any of that right now. Every pregnancy is different so I shouldn't base my experience on someone else's pregnancy journey. 

My cravings lately has been donuts and carne asada and carnitas tacos from Pelons. We have gone there 5 times within the past 10 days. Oh my goodness! Just thinking about it now makes me want some! Ugh. Ive also been thinking about Jack in the Box's Monster Tacos! Oh my! I can not wait til June! This is when I wish I was home in San Diego: 1. Both our families are there 2. All the amazing food! 3. Beautiful weather. Sigh. 

I have been having weird cramps, like I feel like my skin is stretching. I dont know how to explain it. Its just weird and very mild. It comes and goes and last for a few seconds. I have so many questions and concerns but since we have not spread the news yet, I have no one to turn to (except google, which I try not to do). I can't wait til our first OB appointment which is on May 18th with a new OBGYN office. We decided to switch to this one because of the hospital they deliver at. We wanted some where closer to us but the hospital nearby has really small post-delivery rooms and I would definitely want John to stay the night with me. I can't wait to see our little bub (thats what we call it for now, since we dont know if its a boy or a girl). 

I almost forgot to mention that I went to get my blood test done two days after my doctor's appointment. Waiting for the results was torture! It felt like forever, it was really only 24 hours. Ha! So I finally called in and they said I am indeed pregnant. My beta was 362 so the nurse said that their guess of 1-2 weeks (or 3-4 weeks) pregnant was on point. So now, Im not sure if Im 5 weeks and some days or just hitting 6 weeks because I ovulate later than the normal 14 days because my average cycle days are 31, therefore I must've ovulated around day 17 or 18 or 19, one of those. Haha! So complicating. The only way to really know is that ultrasound at our first appointment. All the waiting is torture! Then I think about it, this is going to feel like one long journey to the finish line! But I can not wait! 

Im usually awake by 7:30 am and struggle to get out of bed.


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