Dada's first Spa... and so it begins!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A few days ago John had this crazy idea that we should do a 'Spa' day this week. We've had this planned for a while but just never got a chance to do it. We were in the car one day earlier this week and he was like "how does a spa day sound? You get your eyebrows done and I get a haircut, and we'll both get a pedi together?" I was in complete utter shock when he said we can get a pedi together! You see, for the past let say 13 years, Ive been trying to convince him to get a pedicure done with me (he obviously didn't have to paint his nails) but just to join for a relaxing day. He always turned down my offers because he has a thing about people touching his feet. Im not even allowed to touch his feet. So for him to finally say 'lets get one together' was a big surprise! Of course I couldn't turn down the offer. I guess he figured now that Im pregnant, I'll be getting my toes done more than usual because at some point I wont be able to do them myself. The last time I got a pedicure from a salon was 2 years ago. Im not the kind of girl who goes and gets her nails and toes done all the time. I just don't like to put my money towards something I can do myself. But it doesn't hurt to pamper yourself once in a while. I'd like to label myself as 'low-maintenance' and I know John loves that about me. Haha!

John says it was weird but he said it felt good and his feet felt a lot smoother and lighter than it was. I knew he'd enjoy it! I got a french pedicure cuz I couldnt decide on a color, so to play it safe I went french instead. While I was getting my eyebrows done, the lady goes "are you pregnant?" and it caught me off guard and started giggling and asked her what made her think I am. She said "just curious. Do you have kids?" I'm thinking thats a pretty personal thing to ask someone you just met. If i had been going to her for years I wouldn't have mind sharing that bit of info about me, but sorry girl we're not that close! Haha! It was just funny though cuz Im sure she didnt mean any harm by the question, but it just made me wonder what made her ask such question. Was my tiny belly bump that obvious already? I mean it just looked like I was bloated! 

Im sure this wont be the last pedicure date John and I will have together this year! He said he's down to join me again the next time I want to get my toes done. It probably wont be until we head to San Diego. Ugh! I cant wait to be in my hometown!! 


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