Doctor's orders!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

[Pax has been cuddling next to my tummy more than usual. I dont even have to call him, he just comes! I think he knows!]
I got up way too early today. My doctor's appointment wasn't until 8:45 but I was up at 4:45 because I had to pee, and after that I just couldn't fall back asleep.  I was just tossing and turning. When John finally got up to get ready for work at 5:30, I think I finally fell asleep for like an hour because I woke up again at 6:35 when he was kissing me and my belly goodbye. After that I gave up trying to sleep and just laid in bed with a bazillion thoughts running through my mind. I got up at 7:30 to eat breakfast and do mine and Pax's morning routine. I haven't been working the past few days because of the pregnancy news! Oh well, I'll start working again next week. Im no longer a long term sub anyway, so I can accept them whenever I need to. I have my teaching license and I am just waiting for a permanent teaching position at the district I applied for. But now that the news of pregnancy is here, Im not sure if I should accept one this year because its a contract basis. Without family around I want to be the one to raise my baby. But anyway, I'll think about this later on down the road!

I finished getting ready at 8:30, and I knew I was gonna be late! I was 7 minutes late to my appointment! Whoops! When they finally called me to head to the back they made me pee on a cup first before taking my vitals and assisting me to a room. My nurse (I forget her name, but she's always the one that I see before seeing Dr. Rand) told me to get undressed from waist done and sit on the bed. I laid down instead cuz I was so tired and sleepy! It felt like eternity waiting for them to come see me. 15 minutes have passed and I finally hear the nurse and Dr. Rand talking outside the room. The nurse saying "Test came back positive, and according to her LMP she should be 5 weeks today." Dr. Rand opens the door with a big 'ol cheesy smile on his face saying "Well that was fast! Congratulations!" I echoed his statement about it being fast! He then made me lay back down so that he can do a quick pelvic exam. He explained that since I found out really early, they won't do any ultrasound at the moment, especially because insurances are very on it about the amount of ultrasounds you do I guess. After the exam, he said everything feels fine and to get dressed and head to his office so we can talk about the next steps.

He assigned me to go and get my blood work done sometime at the end of this week to get my hCg count. I really wanted to go today, but lets see how long I can hold off. He also prescribed me prenatals (not that I wasnt already taking them), as well as giving me four boxes of samples! I asked him about allergies and then we were done after that. Im still so grateful to have met Dr. Rand, because he gave us all the hope, and now after 3 years of ttc, here we are. I still cant believe it. My surgery was literally a month and a few days ago. The day of my surgery was the last day of my period, 2 weeks after surgery I knew Id be ovulating because I keep track via a period tracker app. And well, John and I ended up doing the deed before my follow up with Dr. Rand (Yeah, yeah! Rebels! haha!). I am so glad we did. We really weren't trying yet because I was still recovering and said that we'd start back up in April. I guess what they say is true, it only takes one time! Well in this case, a few times (after surgery that is). So if what my app says that I am 5 weeks today, I might have conceived 2-3 weeks after surgery. Insane! So it was me all along. John's little swimmers were being blocked! Haha!

Oh boy! This is going to be one long journey that I know Im gonna be so anxious about! Im only 5 weeks Ive got 35 more to go! I just pray that this little bean sticks and we have a healthy pregnancy!


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