Life of adventure.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

This thing came in the mail this past Saturday! Did I mention that I've been having this weird obsession with patches? Yeah, I think I did. I may be catching up to John (who has been collecting for a bit now).  I took a quick photo of it in the front yard, I love how the colors in this photo just pops! I love it! I love the concept of it. Life itself is an adventure. It doesn't matter where you go, how far you go, what you do... everyday is an adventure. And I've come to that realization that no matter where I am, as long as Im with the people or person I love, it's going to be one good adventure. 

Anyway, I've been MIA for sometime. We havent really done much except some spring cleaning and house/yard work when the weather permits. I've also been suffering from allergies. It wasn't until I moved to Virginia that I started getting allergies during spring time! The pollen here is horrible! We are going on a quick mini trip this weekend. Its the hiking trip we were suppose to take a month ago, but I was still recovering from surgery. John finally has a weekend off again, so were gonna head up early morning on Saturday. I'm excited, I just hope the weather doesnt end up being bad. There a was a really bad storm yesterday and the weather for the weekend has been changing every time I check the weather app! I'll be crossing my fingers for nice weather!

So the image above is a text from my sister showing me a preview of her inventory for her shop. I about jumped up from my seat with giddyness! At first she texted me an image of the "explorers" wood art she made asking if I wanted it. Duh!!! Of course I do (she made two). So stay tuned for her re-opening. She's been hiatus on etsy for about a year now! She'll be re-opening soon! She has also been featured in a shop called Graffiti Beach in Pacific Beach (San Diego) for a little bit, but she stopped with that because she wasn't able to get as much inventory out due to school. She's now in her last year of college. I love that lately she has been very motivated. She said I helped motivate and inspire her. Im glad I do, thats what big sisters are for. But really, she inspires me just as much! She recently came back from a business lecture. So proud of her! She's a graphic design major in SDSU and is suppose to graduate this May, but with schedule conflicts she wasn't able to get the classes she needed to walk. So she has one more semester. I cant wait to see her walk that stage! 


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