9 weeks and counting - Quick recap!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wow! I have not documented anything in almost 2 weeks! I've either been occupied or too sick to even turn on my laptop! 1'm 9 weeks 2 days today. Quick recap of the last few weeks:

1. I finally went back to work yesterday, just half the day. I was fine up until the last hour and I suddenly started feeling so nauseated! There's only about 3 weeks of school left, so I dont think I'll be going back the rest of the year. I 've also decided I wont be accepting any permanent positions at this time, esp with my sickness being on and off. I was told it mellows down by second trimester. I sure do hope so!

2. We finally bought a new couch and rug! We have been on the hunt since the beginning of this year for a sectional. We went to three different furniture store and finally settled on one from the NEX! John wanted a power recline sectional, but I wanted to stick to something close to the style of our old couch so I dont have to re-do our entire decor, plus those power recline ones are so bulk and Im not a fan of them. Comfortable, but just not my style. Luckily, we were able to agree on one that we both liked. I have been eye-ing it for months. But John said to wait til the MDW sales. As soon as I saw the ad, we went to the nex to check if the couch we wanted was on sale, and it was! We got about $900 off of it! What a steal!

We also finally agreed on a rug! We have been looking for a new rug since last November because our old one was so dirty and nasty! After many trips to 3 different homegoods and garden ridge (now called At Home), multiple times, we settled. John wanted the tweed types, and I wanted something soft where we can hang out on the rug area if we wanted to. So I sorta got my way this time because I started crying (i blame the hormones).  I think it looks pretty good. We stuck to our original style. Now I just need to make new pillow covers for the brown pillows, and I'll be good for now. I had to re-arrange somethings, like move the bar near the dining room, but thats okay. I can already picture our little one crawling around the living room!

2. Cravings: Sour and salty. I have been eating a lot of sinigang (filipino food) so thats what I have been cooking. I've made milkfish ones, salmon, and then pork. Im sure John's tired of sinigang by now. Poor guy. I've also been trying to avoid buying food out, but I cant help it. I crave fastfood fries, oh and chicken nuggets! So much for being healthy! Ive also had days where I just have no appetite or I dont know what I want to eat, and thats the struggle. =|

3. Symptoms: Morning (all day) sickness will be my worst enemy! I usually get it when I first wake up and after dinner. I threw up a few days ago and my entire face turned red and I had what looked like red rashes on my neck area and it freaked me out! Of course it was the night John was on duty! I was so restless. I've been keeping sour hard candy near by to help with it. Because of the nausea and vomiting, Ive also been having trouble keeping plain water down, so John went and got me ginger ale and sparkling water. Which somewhat helps keep me hydrated. Other symptoms are: tender breast and sensitive nips. Ive noticed my breast sort of growing, and Im like "well hello there!" ;) I havent gained too much weight either. I think my pre-pregnancy weight was 102 and I have been weighing between 105.6-106.4 lbs.

I think thats it for now because I can only be on the computer for short periods of time before it triggers my nausea and headache. Ciao!


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