Secrets out, Sort of! | Memorial Day Weekend Recap

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

So we've told a couple more friends about our amazing secret and as expected they were all very supportive and excited!! I wasn't able to take any pictures of the weekend, but we have their reactions on video! 

 The first couple we told was B & Monik. B had come over earlier that day to help John moved our old couch to the third floor. I wanted to tell them then, but was nervous and they both had to head out to a birthday party, so we didnt want to keep them long. We made plans to meet up later that day to watch a movie together. 

John and I went about our day. After tidying up the house and resting for a bit, we headed out to Greenbrier mall to see if I can cop the Jordan 11 Breds (Low) that came out. I have been wanting it for a while, I originally wanted the mids, but I skipped out on it last time, so I made sure to get them during this release. We went to 4 different stores, John called almost every shoe store in the area, and I was gonna give up. So we just ended up buying baby their pair. I was so bummed. BUT! Just as we were pulling into Lowes to buy some stuff, the Baldovi's texted us about movie times and said they had Pitch Perfect at Lynnhaven at 6:20pm. So instead of walking into Lowes, we just drove to the mall. Since we got there early, we went and checked kids foot locker to see if they had anymore, and sadly they didnt. I told John we'll check Champs and if they didnt have it, I can give it up. However, instead of heading to Champs, we ended up at Footlocker and what do you know, they had my size!! They raffled out the shoes, but some people didnt show up for them. So now baby and I have matching ones. John had started collecting baby Jordans a while back, so this is an addition to it. John decided not to buy them because he said he didnt really need them. I was so surprised! Daddy mode kicking in! I guess you can say this is our first baby purchase, and they would be shoes! Lmao!

We end up watching the movies with the Baldovi's and John and I were getting so anxious when the movie ended because we were trying to figure out how we were gonna break the news. I told John to stick with our original plan of pretending to take a picture, but really take a video and then say "1, 2, 3.. say Jenns pregnant!" and thats exactly how we did. I pulled B & Monik aside and said "hey lets take a picture!" I remember Mo saying "wait, what about John?" But before she could say anything else, John had already started counting down! Their reaction was so good! Monik started crying buckets of tears!! After talking for a bit, we headed out for some Pho for dinner. I was definitely relieved to have finally shared the news with them!

John and I didnt do much on Sunday and just hung out at the beach. Monday was our last minute Memorial Day bbq at the house with the homies. We prepped most of the morning. John marinaded some carne asada for Carne Asada Fries, and I marinaded some Filipino style bbq chicken, as well a prepped stuff for the fruits and elote (corn). People started showing up around 2:30ish, I was so glad Kristel and the kids got here before everyone else did because that meant we were able to tell her the news without anyone else finding out! We only agreed to tell the girls (plus their husbands) so that I have someone to talk to about pregnancy and because keeping it a secret was killing me! lol! So, just before we took the kids swimming, we dropped the news on her in the same way we did with the Baldovis! Actually, I carried Koston (our Godson) and was telling him to say Hi to the camera cuz Ninong was recording, and just as he finished saying Hi! I said "Koston's gonna have a playmate!" And John follows with "Say Auntie Jenn's pregnant!" and Kristel literally jumped up for joy and hugged me and John! Now I dont have to lie to them about not being able to take shots or drink alcohol! Whew! We don't plan on telling the rest until after our second appointment which is in a few weeks. I feel like the weeks are both going by fast and slow at the same time. I get so anxious. 


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