Sunsets and Silhouettes | Golden Hour

Sunday, May 24, 2015

I was lucky to have John off for three days for Memorial Day Weekend this year! No one really had any plans, so we just did our own thing. We roamed around the city before heading to the beach during golden hour. It was for both business and pleasure. We originally went to First Landing State Park but realized they started charging for parking again! So John took me to Lynnhaven Fishing Pier, the beach area and I am glad he did! We have a maternity shoot coming up and I was scouting locations, and after testing out the lighting in this area, I decided this would be the spot. So John and I walked up and down the beach and took pictures of our surroundings and of each other. I used him as a test shot model on some. I was saying he isnt only my husband but my business partner as well as test shot model! Afterwards, we found a spot on the beach and just sat there watching the sun set. It was definitely a relaxing way to end/start the week!

The next few shots are from John's camera. :)

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