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Saturday, June 13, 2015

This video was a 2 month process. I started it April 13 and ended it today, marking it exactly two months! I used to vlog a lot a few years ago and always said I'd document as much as I can during pregnancy so that we can have something to look back on as a family. But who are we kidding? Our lives our documented daily! lol! So putting this video together was very important for me. We had to make sure we captured our families and friends reactions. After I finally completed this video and re-watched from the beginning, it showed me just how blessed we are with amazing family and friends who continuously support us throughout this journey. This baby is already beyond loved and blessed! 

Ps- The song in the background when John was opening his 'gift' came on unplanned! A Thousand Years - it was just meant to be.

The Hugos :)

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