First Trimester Blues

Sunday, June 07, 2015

I knew pregnancy wasn't going to be easy, but I never really fully understood the extent of it. It hasn't been so bad, but I do have my days when its horrible. I didnt really start getting morning, or shall I say all day sickness til about 8 weeks in. For a few days during that week, I would throw up my breakfast and sometimes dinner and Id feel so restless and hungry but couldn't seem to keep anything down. We are now ending our 11th week, and with the first trimester almost over, I thought i'd write about how it has been so far. 

Morning sickness is gonna be the death of me! lol! They weren't kidding when they said it stays all day. When it hits, it hits hard! I dont throw up everytime I'm nauseated but I hate the queasy feeling. When I throw up, its to the point where my throat starts to hurt and sometimes it burns, and then my entire face and neck turns red and sometimes it looks like I have hives. Its kind of scary, but I'm sure its one of those things thats normal when youre pregnant. To fight the nausea feeling and prevent myself from throwing up, I eat hard sour candy like War Heads sour candies. I never tried the pregnancy pops, they did look interesting though. A few other things that helped me as well was Skyflakes (a filipino cracker, somewhat salty) and sparkling water. Its funny cuz I never liked sparkling water before. I've also tried ginger ale, but I didnt like how sweet it was. 

Cravings and aversions also cause my nausea. I knew I was having aversions to food when I made my favorite steak and baked red potatoes dinner and barely took two bites and was over it. I hope I enjoy it again after pregnancy because I sure do miss steak! I haven't craved the typical pickles and ice cream, which John assumes I would. My cravings have been all over the place and it changes every week, sometimes even every day! Poor John never knows what to cook, but he's been amazing at taking over because my sense of smell is just insane! When the food he's cooking smells bad, I have to step aside because Id vomit! With my craving being crazy, we have been eating out a lot more. One minute I want one type of food, and as soon as we get it and I see it, im like "no thanks!" Some days I didnt have an appetite, it wasn't until recently end of week 10 that I started getting it back. If in week 9 I didnt want to eat, week 10 was the complete opposite, I was always hungry and never got full. I eat at least 6 small meals a day, with snack in between. I told John that we're gonna go broke because Im at the grocery store every 4 days! Ha! 

I've also been having weird symptoms that comes and goes like lower back pain and random sharp butt pains that sometimes travel down my legs. I was told it could be sciatic nerve pain. Its kind of scary because I started getting it again earlier after a session and I felt so paralyzed. I thought maybe I pulled a muscle while I was taking pictures. John has tried to rub it a little, put a cold pack on it and nothing was helping. It would disappear and reappear. We watched a movie, and afterwards I couldnt get up. The pains would jump from one butt cheek to the other. It was so bad that John had to carry me to bed cuz I couldnt walk. We have a doctors appointment tomorrow, so its definitely something I have to bring up. Another thing that has appeared are the itchiness! I started itching around the end of week 9, mainly in my abdomen area and legs, but lately its been everywhere! Sometimes i cant figure out where the itch is so I just scratch everything. I know I shouldn't because I could get stretch marks, but I cant help it!

The most annoying of all are my nasal/sinus issues and post nasal drip issues. I have been having excess saliva lately that it really affects both issues and its also what causes my nausea most of the time. Im constantly having to clear my throat, spit, or blow my nose. I heard rhinitis problems are the uncommon part of pregnancy, it is called Pregnancy rhinitis (duh! hahah!) and I read that unlike other first trimester symptoms, this one normally stays throughout the entire pregnancy! Oh boy!

Aside from my belly growing, my breasts have also changed in size. A little lop sided though! Haha! They have been so tender and sensitive that sometimes when I hug John it hurts! So poor John, he momma-to-be is off limits until this settles down! Haha! I also keep telling myself I wouldn't shop for new clothes until we get to San Diego, but I have been buying a few dresses because most of my jeans are starting to become uncomfortable to wear. None of my shorts fit comfortably either, so I have been resorting to skirts and dresses, especially with how humid it has been. I normally go to the clearance/sale section anyway, but I really have to chill when it comes to shopping for myself. 

Despite all of the crazy symptoms, I wouldn't have it any other way. Its just a reminder that my body is doing what it's suppose to do, and all the pain and sickness will be worth it when we finally get to hold our little one in our arms.

Jenn (and baby) :]

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