Hello San Diego!! :)

Sunday, June 21, 2015

We are back in San Diego and I couldn't be more excited!! We got here on Wednesday and have just been overwhelmingly busy! The plane ride felt long! Luckily I didn't have to get up so much to pee because I was sitting on the window seat! I did have to get up once to stretch and walk up and down the isle cuz I was getting cramps. 

We attended a friend/old housemate's wedding yesterday and it was beautiful! It still amazes me how grown up all the guys are: kids, homeowners, marriage... are we really getting older?! Anyway, today is Father's Day and we took my dad out for brunch at Caroline's Seashore Cafe in La Jolla after church. Food was delicious and the view was a plus! Didn't do much today, because I wanted to finally take time to rest before our trip to the bay tomorrow. We picked up our rental car for the trip then picked up my sister's boyfriend, Alex, so that he can spend the night cuz were leaving at 5am tomorrow morning. I'll do a more detailed blog another time about our trip but for now, its bed time for this momma-to-be! 


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