Music to ours ears | 12 weeks

Monday, June 08, 2015

We are officially on our 3rd month! Happy 12 weeks to our little blessing! Today, we begin the belly chronicles! Haha! Pictures above are taken by John, so glad to have a photography loving husband and business partner! lol! Before I got pregnant, I knew I wanted to do silhouettes instead of the mirror pictures or the ones next to a chalk/whiteboard sign. I wanted something easy and simple that truly highlights the belly. 

Aside from being 12 weeks today, we also had our second prenatal appointment with my ob and we got to hear the heart beat! When she first put the doppler on my belly the baby's heart was so loud and so fast, then when John finally picked up the camera and started recording, baby got a little shy because we had to search for the heart beat, but after a few minutes, there it was again. The most precious sound I have ever heard. Doctor said everything sound great and officially marked us as 'normal pregnancy' her two favorite words! Lol! The baby's heartbeat as of today is 170 bpm. Thats pretty fast! I read on a few forums that anything over 140 was girl and below 140 was a boy. I guess we'll have to see if that has any truth to it in 3 weeks! 

I cried like a baby, of course I did, when I have not cried during this pregnancy so far?! Haha! I also told her about my anxieties and fear about losing the baby. She was like "why didnt you call and tell me? I would have brought you in sooner!" But I didnt want to let it bother me because I didnt want it to ruin my excitement so I always just brush it off. After our miscarriage 3 years ago, it has traumatized me, but every pregnancy is different and I know this little one was brought to us to put joy and excitement in our lives and thats how I want the rest of this pregnancy to be, despite all the horrible symptoms I've gotten, I've still tried to enjoy it as best I can. 

Pregnancy definitely has its good and bad, but its a journey I am grateful to be on! 


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