SECRETS OUT!!! The world awaits...

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Well, we finally did it!! We have gone public with our greatest blessing yet! John and I got home from errands and sat on our couch and said "this is it, its time!" We both went on our separate phones and typed away! John posted the camera "adding to the team" themed one and I posted the "adventure/travel themed" one, and on a count of three, we clicked 'share' together! And just like that, our most kept, most amazing secret has been revealed for the world to know! With week 12 coming to an end, we just felt it was time. I CAN NOW PUBLISH ALL OF MY POSTS FOR THE PAST 2 MONTHS!! 

We appreciate everyone for all the well wishes and blessings and love you all are sending our way!

The Hugos!

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