Week 14: Travel bug!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Sutro Baths Ruins, SF - June 24, 2015 (pc: John)

We are officially in the second trimester!!! This week we went on a road trip to the bay area with my sister and her boyfriend. We drove through the Pacific Coast Highway and it was breathe taking! I planned this trip long before we found out we were pregnant, so I didn't want to have to cancel! The drive up was long, only because we stopped like 6 times to admire the views (i'll have to do a separate post). I only threw up once and it was before route 1 (the zig zags), but I threw up three times on the ride home and it was just a straight ride and a lot shorter! I think baby was sad to be leaving. Anyway, Im glad were back at my parents now and resting, sort of. 

This week, I've noticed I am slowly starting to get my energy and appetite back, my tummy is definitely growing, and I started to feel flutters around my belly. It's definitely an indescribable feeling. I have finally been able to eat all the food I have been craving. I've been eating a lot of Jack in the Box cuz I have been craving their tacos and curly fries. My sister has also been taking us to all these amazing food and dessert spots! Mmm! Im gonna be so sad when we leave cuz I wont be able to satisfy my cravings! We've also eaten Mexican food and In & Out, which are a must when were home! 

All the love and attention and being catered to by my family and friends is overwhelming! I always try to remind them that I'm pregnant and not paralyzed! Haha! But I just allow them because I know this is the only time we'll be home during this pregnancy. Next week is an exciting one for us because we get to find out the gender of the baby! Ahh! I made the appointment last week for July 3, and our gender reveal party is on July 5! I cannot wait!!! 


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