17 Weeks: Happy Hump Day!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Hello 17 weeks and happy hump day ya'll! ;) I thought it was appropriate to post this bump picture today! I didn't think I was getting big until I looked back on our 12 week bump picture! Im definitely getting big. Im fortunate enough right now where its just in my tummy, but Im sure when I get further along it'll be more noticeable. Depending on what Im wearing, sometimes its hard to even tell Im pregnant! But I love my bump! I love wearing body-cons cuz it shows off my baby bump! People always tell me they miss being pregnant, so I'm trying to embrace every moment of pregnancy, both the good and bad... but more so the good! Ha!

This week, I've felt baby's "quickening" or little flutters a lot more than the past few weeks. Its just so much more noticeable to me now. There are still days when Im like, "wait.. was that the baby or bodily liquids?" Lol! I love when I feel him, its a feeling I cant explain and I cant wait until John gets to feel him too. Hopefully in a few weeks he'll be able to share the experience with me! 

Sleeping problems. I'm having way more trouble get some good night's rest. I cant seem to find a comfortable spot, my back and neck is always hurting. John bought me a boppy pregnancy pillow but I ended up returning it because it wasn't helping. =| Im looking at purchasing a different one in hopes that maybe it'll help. I need back support. I've been sleeping on my left side more than usual. Im a side sleeper so I guess its a good thing, but I still need back support so I normal stack a pillow behind me. 

As far as other symptoms go, its just the usual headaches and dizzy spells I get every now and then. Definitely wanting to eat a lot more now and Im always thirsty!! I guess its a sign that baby is definitely growing and needing more nutrients! I've also been busy scrolling through different websites to add to our registry! Its so overwhelming! I want everything! Haha


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