Baby, baby, baby...

Saturday, July 25, 2015

So the baby stuff has officially taken over the guest-room nursery. Majority of the stuff here are gifts, some I bought (only stuff that are on sale! lol), and some we already had. I've even scored some cute newborn clothes at this place called Once Upon a Child, its like a Plato's closet but for babies and kids. Its so awesome! They're gently used items, and some are even brand new with tags still. I got his sleepwear night gown thing for $3.5 each! I'm definitely heading back to that store before I give birth and after! John was iffy at first about buying second hand stuff, but I finally convinced him cuz he saw how much in excellent condition the items were! I also explained that majority of the time the baby doesnt get to wear all of his clothes, so most of the stuff sold are probably ones that previous kids have never got to wear and outgrew. Brands like baby gap, old navy, osh-kosh, carter, etc were sold there! As soon as I get home I collect them in a basket then when its enough, I laundry them using Dreft (baby detergent), and it smells amazing! So far I've only had to do one load! I have yet to wash his brand new stuff though, I'll wait til we get closer to my due date. 

I also finally replaced the pregnancy pillow I originally bought. It was a boppy pregnancy pillow, which didnt help me at all! So John returned it and ordered me this Leachco Maternalign Pillow instead and oh my goodnesssssss!! Ive only slept on it for 2 nights but my oh my, what a big difference it has made! It definitely makes sleeping on my side so much better! I love that I dont have to reposition it, I just turn side to side. Its contoured to my body so theres a place where I can rest my growing belly, and the head part helps align my neck, back and spine for a much more comfortable sleep! I hadn't had a full 8 hour sleep in weeks!! I didnt think I would need a maternity pillow, but sleeping has been so difficult that I feel even more restless in the morning! I hope this helps me the rest of my pregnancy! I also love that it doesnt take up the entire bed so John still has plenty of room to sleep. He also snuggles it when Im facing away from him! The only thing is, I miss feeling his body next to mine! Its okay though, cuz he holds me either way. 


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