Baby purchases... too soon? ;)

Friday, July 17, 2015

The baby purchases have begun! I have been holding back for a while now!! Everytime I go to the store, I always make a stop at the baby isle and I'd have to stop myself from buying anything, but now that we know the gender, it is so on! Lol! What better way to start than with baby sales!! The Nex is currently having an "everything baby sale" where majority of baby items are an extra 20% off, and some were just on sale like the Ergobaby carrier I had on my registry! I was considering getting the newer one, but the original baby carrier was only $69 (retails at $120), and the infant insert was only $17 (retails at $25)! I opted for black because John will be using it too! I also bought a few sleepwears and onsies and a Ju-Ju-Be Fuel Cell to match the Paci holder John bought a last week, and the best part was I had scratchers too! So I saved an additional 5% off my total! Steal! 

Aside from the NEX sales, Amazon Prime was also having a one day only Prime sales! I was able to snag the Ju-Ju-Be Super Star - Legacy Collection in the Admiral for only $50 (originally $80)! Funny thing was, I had just added this item on our registry the night before! Anyway, it was delivered today! I was so excited to see how big and spacious it is! It'll definitely be a handy travel bag. Im using it as our hospital bag for both John & I because its roomy enough to fit both our necessities. What I love about the JuJuBe bags is that its so light weight, washable, and the materials used is very nice. It goes well with my fuel cell and paci pod! Im set, now we just need the diaper bag. I've been eying the B.F.F. style- The Commodore or the Queen of Nile from the Legacy Collection as well. 

Tell me this is normal?! Im like obsessed over baby items at the moment, but dont fret, because as much as I want to buy everything, I dont, for the most part! Haha! Now I can't wait to get the nursery started and to get his closet organized! 


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