DIY Baby: Braided Pacifier Clip!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

So the DIY baby crafts have begun! I was scrolling through etsy for things to add to the baby registry and came across paci clips and saw these braided ones! I thought, "hmm! Those can't be that complicating to make!" So instead of adding them to my list, I decided I'd head to Michaels & Jo-Anns for some supplies! I bought the leather cords at Michaels with a 50% off coupon, and the suspender clips at Joans also with a 50% off. So my total cost for this simply diy was $8 (which makes 4 clips), vs. buying them on etsy for at the least $9 a piece! I've decided to do two with bowties and two without. The steps are fairly easy and I got the tutorial from, my go-to, Pinterest.

I also had to sneak in this photo from a few days ago. John came home from work and was so tired! I was editing on the couch, and when I put my laptop down, I saw them cuddled on top of my leg! Of course, as uncomfortable as I was, I didnt want to move them! So I let them sleep for as long as my leg could take it before it went numb! Haha! We bought a new couch a few months ago so that we're not always on top of each other, but they always end up sleeping on me or next to my butt! We have such a big sectional that when John sits on the other side and Im on the chase, I feel like he's in another room! Sigh. I have a feeling all three of them in the future will be on top of me. But its okay, I love my babies! :)

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