Future sneaker head... just like daddy!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Oh boy! I might be in trouble here! Before John and I decided to even start trying for a baby many years ago, he has already started to collect some shoes. So far, this is what the baby has. He's not even out yet, and already has a collection! John used to buy shoes.. a LOT! Until I slowly convinced him out of his addiction. He's already sold and given away at-least 15 pairs in the last few years, but he still has an entire closet full. But I can't say anything, because the other side of the closet are full of my shoes. Haha! Now this baby gets his own side as well. 

The Jordan Retro 7's (Bordeux) was re-released today and of course we had to go out and get a pair for the baby. The baby will have Jordans from the time he can walk all the way up until high school. Because I have about 10 pairs, and John has well, I lost track. Haha! Anyway, John and I have a pair of these shoes too that we bought a while back, so we'll definitely rock them as a family, as well as the Infrared Air Max 90's. I have matching Breds with the baby, and John has matching New Loves with him. We opted out of buying the disney vans for ourselves though! The only other pair we want to get him this year are the Aqua 8's, which John & I already have as well! 

Ugh, I cant wait til he can wear them!! For now, it'll be kept in their boxes to avoid collecting too much dust on them! Im sure he'll grow out of them quickly! 

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