Hairbows or Bowties? | Our big reveal!!

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Where do I even begin?! The gender reveal picnic was amazing! Long before John and I found out that we were pregnant, I already knew how I wanted to do it: waterguns with paint. I haven't seen anyone else do it, until one night I was browsing through Pinterest and searching for reveal ideas for the future, and put in water gun gender reveal and a bunch that wasnt water gun related popped up until I kept scrolling and found one couple who did it! I pinned it instantly! I wanted to do waterguns because for 3 years in a row when I was still living in San Diego, I would hold a water gun/water balloon fight for my birthday, so thats where I got the idea. 

Anyway, it was a one week process prepping for the big day. As soon as we got back from our Bay Area trip, my sister and I got started on party planning and buying decors and party related stuff as the days went by. We also sat down with my mom to plan the food list. It was like planning my wedding all over again, us girls sitting around the dining table! My sister had cute ideas which of course I agreed with. She did a lot of the props and helped buy decors (which of course she got to keep). We bought 11 water guns: 5 big ones and 6 medium sized ones. Some of them you can see through so my sister and Alex had to use black electrical tape to cover it up. They filled the water guns the day of the reveal. For the paint to squirt easily, they had to add some water to help dilute it. They drove back home to fill the guns so that they wouldn't be bothered by anyone! Ha!

We had the reveal at Ski Beach near Sea World. It was gloomy, windy and chilly, but that didn't phase me, because I was so excited to see family, friends and of course to find out the gender! The party started at 3pm, but we didnt do the actual reveal til 6pm. Some of the waterguns were leaking so Lai and Alex had to seal it with tape and then splatter the rest with all the paint colors so that nothing was given away. John and I changed into our reveal clothes and off we went to the sandy area of the park. And on Lai's count of three, everyone started squirting us!! John and I werent looking at first and we did our own countdown before looking down! Ahhhh! Surprise, surprise!!

Our sweet treats table! It turned out so pretty! John did such a good job on the "Adventure Awaits" sign!!

My parents and John were definitely for the boys side, I didnt have a preference I just wanted to show off both signs!

VAFam in San Diego! <3

Some of John's side of the family!

Check out John's reaction after finding out what we were having! He was ecstatic!!! 

I LOVE THIS PICTURE! Thanks to my cousin, Kirby for capturing such a precious moment!

We had such an amazing time and was sad for it to be over, cuz it only meant that it was time for us to head back to Virginia :( We are so grateful for everyone who has showed us love, support and blessings! We're getting through this because of all of you! You guys are all amazing!!!

The Hugos <3

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