18 Weeks: Embrace the bump!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Apparently, today is Bump Day! Its a day to bring awareness about the importance of a healthy pregnancy, and the challenges that come with it! Despite the crazy symptoms and hormones, I have embraced pregnancy from the get go! We have wanted this baby for so long that there was no way I was going to let the bad side of pregnancy ruin this experience. Sure, I have my days when Im cranky and moody, but it doesn't mean I don't love being pregnant, because in all honesty, I do. Who doesn't love being pampered and catered to!? ;) John has been so amazing with treating me like a princess! Its kind of overwhelming sometimes because Im so used to doing things on my own, but now, when I have to do any lifting around the house or major cleaning, I have to wait for him.

Im also gonna be honest that I haven't been eating as healthy as I should, especially during the first trimester, where the only thing that baby would really let me keep down were the nasty fast food (they tasted good at that time). Last year I can count on my hand how much I ate at a fast food joint, this year I can't even begin to tell you how often I was at Wendy's! On my good days though, I would eat healthy, like fruits and nuts as snacks and making sure I had the right amount of whatever I needed. I'm getting back on track now that were in the second trimester. John is my constant reminder!

Lately, all I've been wearing are body con dresses, flowy dresses, or a skirt and a top. Jeans, leggings and sometimes even shorts dont feel right, plus its waaaay too hot to even wear anything long on my legs! I love body con dresses because they show off my bump, and its so much more obvious that Im pregnant, and people dont have to stare and try and figure out if I am or not! Its definitely a go-to wardrobe of mine during these hot summer months! 

We took a stroll around the Virginia Beach Town Center today not realizing it was Wednesday! Meaning, it was Y-Not Wednesdays! We decided to opt out of the fun since I cant drink. So we just stayed near the fountain area by all the shops and restaurants, which we didnt mind at all because there was a live band playing! It was definitely a much needed date outside. Live music and cool breeze (finally, it has been ridiculously hot the past few days) to end our day. Ever since we got back from San Diego, I have been a major homebody, aside from days when Id run errands or meet with a client, so it was definitely being able to get out of the house. 

Photo Credits: My amazing photographer husband! :)


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