Target Registry: Let the scanning begin!

Monday, July 20, 2015

We started our first in-store registry at Target! It was pretty cool! We hadn't used a registry gun since our wedding one! Of course John was in charge of the scanning, and I just pointed at the ones we would need and that interested me. He was also having the time of his life scanning away with that scanner! I love how John gets as excited about baby stuff as I do! We did this just before a family session, hence the camera bag on John's back! Lol! We're gonna do a Babies R Us one as well, but for the most part we have everything on a universal baby registry from My Baby List and will just import it all on that. :)

 I dont remember getting a gift during our wedding one, but maybe we did. I just cant remember! Anyway, this is what you get when you start a baby registry with them! Thank you Target! :) It had most of the things I was curious about and thinking of adding to our registry! I also love that little card with the encouraging words: "You Got This!" How sweet and awesome are they!?

The Hugos

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