Project Nursery: The Mural

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

It has officially begun ladies and gents. Project Nursery is well underway! John and I went to Home Depot yesterday to look at paint swatches and ended up buying the paint and supplies because we picked out and agreed on a color right there and then! Its a miracle! It took us one year to agree on a paint color for our living room! We went with Behr: Ultra Pure White, Almond Wisp, and Antique Tin for the mural that John is going to be working on. Luckily for us, the rest of the wall is already a cream/neutral color. Thats what were going for, neutral. I didn't want it to be blue just because were having a boy. I want him to be able to grow up in it, so we chose neutrals, then we'll just add pops of color. 

So today, as I got home from running errands, John was already in the what used to be guest-room pre-planning the Mountain Mural. They day I told him the news of our pregnancy, he was already on Pinterest pinning ideas away! We both knew from the get go what we were aiming for: adventure & travel themed. So it'll have tons of travel and outdoorsy related stuff in it. John had a few ideas for the wall, and a mountain mural was definitely in his plans. There were a few that he showed me and we narrowed it down to two, and I let him decide which one was easiest or would look nice. I can't wait to see the turn out! He wouldn't let me help, which I didn't mind just sitting and watching because I am not as artistic as he is. 

He was so eager to get started on this! We hadn't even finished moving stuff out of the guest-room. I've sold the bed frame that used to be in there, but the mattress still has to be moved to the third floor! So its just a big ol' mess in there at the moment! Im sure the turn out will be worth it. After we get this mural done, I'm thinking of tackling the closet renovation. Nothing major, just changing out the wire hanging thing we have in there now and adding shelves and rods instead. Baby's room is gonna be so much better than ours, but we only want the best for him. Its crazy what they say, once you have a child, its no longer just about you, most of the things you do revolves around them. 


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