Week 15: Pink or Blue, either will do!

Friday, July 03, 2015

Today was a rough and exciting day all at the same time. Rough because I have been throwing up since 2:15 am and have had no appetite whatsoever and today was our 3d/4d Ultrasound appointment to find out the gender and I was supposed to drink 20 oz. of water beforehand. I barely took three bites of my breakfast and drank maybe 6 oz of water. It was a horrible start, but as soon as we got to A Baby Visit Ultrasound clinic, the nausea was long forgotten and anxiousness took over. We got to the clinic at exactly 8:30am, I filled out some paper works and chose our heart beat stuffed animal. We went with the giraffe because for as long as I can remember, John and I have always wanted a giraffe in the nursery. After the paperworks, off we went and the room was dark with a big projector, movie theater style and a big long sectional sofa. I was sad we werent allowed to record inside, but Im sure my sister would have gotten away with it cuz it was so dark at where they were sitting!  :\ Oh well! 

Only my family was able to join us because John's family couldn't make it and I thought the Erum's had work, it turned out they didnt it! Anyway, she had me lay on the bed and she got started. My family were seated on the couch and the tech started with recording the heart beat for the stuffed animal. Baby's heart beat was loud on the speakers and it was music to my ears. It was beating at 154 bpm. She showed us the baby's heart fluttering and then off she went with measurements. After about 5 minutes of watching the baby it was time to close our eyes because she was doing the gender. My sister stood up behind us and the rest of us closed our eyes. All I heard was the beeping of the computer and my sister saying, "Oh my gosh! Aaaawwwwww! Ahhh!" almost panicking! and just like that our baby's gender was her secret to keep! We were allowed to open our eyes again, and the lady continued to do more ultrasound stuff. She showed us the head, the skull, feet, arms and we watched the baby move, wave, stretch! It was so beautiful to watch! I can't wait to do another one at 32 weeks to actually see the more of the baby's facial features! At 15w 5d, it wasn't as apparent! After 20 minutes, it was over. I loved our heart beat giraffe, its so cute and fluffy and now I can listen to the heart beat and it just sounds so beautiful. Ahh! Two more days til we all find out if were having a boy or girl!! I have been trying to get hints from my sister but she isnt budging, she's also been getting a lot of text from family and friends. Haha! Oh the pressure!


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