Week 16: Its my birthday!

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Today, I turn one year older! I don't really get excited for my birthday anymore, especially because the last few birthdays John has had duty so I either spend it alone, or with friends. Today is just like those birthdays. John has work until tomorrow, so I ended up having brunch with a few girlfriends. I'm glad that this year, I dont have to completely feel alone because I know my babies are with me. I did get a present today, but it was really for the baby, which I don't mind one bit because it was thee cutest baby clothes ever. They were adventure and photography related!! How perfect is that?! 

I took that photo above earlier this afternoon. I was busy editing when I noticed Pax sitting next to me and when I acknowledged him, he got closer and cuddled near my belly. It was the most precious thing ever! I was starting to feel a bit lonely, but Pax always does something so sweet to make me feel otherwise, the best part was that he decided to cuddle right next to his baby brother. It melted my heart. It was a reassurance that I'm never completely alone. I can't wait to see how Pax and our baby boy interact. I bet theyre going to be the best of friends, I can feel it already! Pax is amazing with kids! We really did get lucky with our furbaby!

As far as pregnancy goes, we had our 3rd OB appointment two days ago and everything went well. I sorta had a little scare because when the doctor first put the doppler on my tummy we didnt hear a heart beat. I stopped breathing in panic until the doctor reassured me that the sounds we were hearing were the baby moving. She had to chase the baby around my belly to get the heart beat, a few minutes later, she found it. It was beating at 160bpm. I let out a big sigh of relief. I love hearing my baby's heart beat, it is definitely music to my ears! This baby is already giving me a scare. But i'm glad to know that he is moving around. I can just picture all his stretches from when we did the 3d/4d last week. So darn cute! Speaking of which, I think I felt what they call a "quickening" for the first time today. Its the baby's first apparent movement. I was on the couch while John was napping next to me, and I was scrolling through my phone when I felt sudden movements under my belly button. It wasn't the normal flutters I'd feel, it was in wave form. I can't seem to explain. I tried to wake John up to tell him, but he wasn't as excited only because he was sleep deprived so he said "cool!!" and fell right back to sleep! I don't blame him, its been a long few weeks, plus the jet lag! He did get excited as soon as he woke from his nap when he realized what I had told him. I feel it every now and then, I know it's not gas either, because Ive had gas ones before and most of the times they hurt. Haha!

Even thought dada couldn't be with us today, I'm glad we got to spend the past three weeks in San Diego! The picture above is from the San Diego Fair at Del Mar! We found those shirts hidden in our closets while we were picking out clothes to pack for our trip. It was so perfect, so we decided to pack it with us. We bought those shirts from SD Bolt Complex last summer when we visited and wore it a handful of times and have forgotten about it. It was John who found them! John was asked where we got them while we were walking around. I can't wait to see him tomorrow, or early Saturday morning? I have a trip to the Outer Banks at 11am tomorrow with a good friend, Sarah, to assist her on shooting a wedding. I'm excited, I havent done a wedding in 2 years! 


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