20 Weeks: Half way done!!

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

We are officially half way through our pregnancy!! It still feels surreal and amazing at the same time that I have this beautiful baby blessing growing inside of me! Because we are halfway through, I wanted to include Dada-to-be in the our bump update because he has been amazing since day one. And I don't want him getting overshadowed in all of this!! This is my favorite bump picture thus far. I was iffy about showing my actual bare belly and exposing my flawed body, but John kissing it made it so much sweeter and a reassurance that despite the changes in my body that I'll be going through, he will embrace this change with me. I'm filled with so much joy when I think about it. He's going to be a great daddy!

How far along? 20 Weeks
Baby is now the size of:  a Banana!!
Gender:  STILL A BOY! :)
I have gained:  8-9 lbs this entire pregnancy so far
We like the names: Girl: Amelia Cassidy - John has had a name picked out for the girl before we even had our wedding! We love the name Amelia, it sounds so sweet. We would have wanted to nickname her Lia. We still hope to use the name one day in the future! Boy: Tristan Ezra, Liam Rome, Tristan Romeo, Theo, Nathaniel, Jeremiah, Julien, Holden, Matteo... the list goes on! Haha! The boy names were so much harder to agree on. Ive had a list of baby boy names that I liked from our first pregnancy, and throughout the years the names Ive chosen have been used by friends or people we know! So im like "Nope! We cant use that anymore!" -- I wanted to use Rome or Romeo as a middle name to honor my  Dad because he never got to have a baby boy. I've always loved the name Liam, but it seems that everyone's boy has been named Liam (or Jayden) and we have both names in the family already! We're leaning towards Tristan though, we don't know very many Tristans. :)
I cant stand the sight of: a messy house!! With the project nursery underway, it has been a mess upstairs! And to be honest, I just haven't been in the mood to really clean, and thats something new to me. I usually keep the house as tidy as possible. Sometimes I just dont' have the energy! I dont know where to start with re-arranging our entire house. We have moved the guestroom to the third floor and now I have to try and figure out how to re-do that floor so that guest can sleep comfortably in there.
Movement: Baby boy has definitely become quite the dancer! I usually notice movements first thing in the morning, then again in the middle of the afternoon, and again when John and I are watching TV and relaxing after dinner, then lately Ive been feeling him just before bed and in the middle of the night. I always worry when I don't feel him for a while, and when I do feel movements again, im like *sigh of relief* "Oh there you are!!" 
Cravings: Sweets and something cheesy! I've made S'mores dip at-least 3 times this week! And for my in between meals, I make grilled cheese sandwiches... really cheesy ones! 
My skin:  Has been itching like crazy and I'm getting weird bumps/rash like stuff around my neck and its gross looking! The more I scratch, the more it gets dark. So now  have this dark patches around my neck area! So gross! I have been so conscious about my neck area lately! ;( If I could wear turtle necks in this heat, I would! 
I miss: Being able to do things without constantly being observed! I was trying to help John paint the closet and after about 5 minutes he told me to stop. I wasn't even struggling and I had a mask on!
My emotions are: Have been all over the place! I cried one time because John didn't want to go out and I have been stuck indoors all day, and then he said something to try and be funny, but instead I started crying! Then half an hour later, I was laughing. Swear! Sometimes I think Im crazy! John has been patient with my moody and crazy emotions though! 
Purchases: Paint materials and a closet organizer kit to get started on the Nursery! Oh and some cute little Moccasins for baby! :)
My sleep pattern has been: Out of wack!! I used to be able to sleep a full 8 hours, but this week the longest Ive gone is 6 hrs (with it being disrupted somewhere in the middle). It gets frustrating because I know I have to get as much good sleep as possible, but I cant seem to get comfortable or I constantly have to get up and pee, and then I get hungry in the middle of the night. Its driving me crazy!
This week's memories are: Dada finishing the mountain mural that he started for the nursery and how proud he is of it! Also getting to see baby boy during out 20 week anatomy scan earlier and doing our hospital tour!! 
Excited For: The baby shower! Its months away, but I am excited! My sister or family isnt here to host it, but they said they were gonna do one in San Diego! My girlfriends are helping me plan it here! :)

Embracing the bump before I get super big & because I know i'll miss it when he's out! A little side story: After my laparoscopy in March, I was self-conscious about that little scar I have on my tummy. It used to be just above my pelvic area, now it has travelled with my growing belly! I had three cuts, one near my pubic bone,  on my left abdomen area (which is the scar you see), and on my belly button. These scars are also a great reminder of what I had to go through in order to have a better chance of conceiving. Read the story here.

I cant figure out why the quality of our images lately have been getting so pixelated, but when I click to enlarge, its clear. Hrmm. Its too much for my pregnant brain to handle at the moment. I'll figure it out another day. 


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