21 Weeks: Bump Wednesdays!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

We didn't get a chance to take a bump picture this week so Im using one from our trip recently. This was just a day before I was officially 21 weeks, so I guess it counts. 

Baby Size: Baby Bok Choy

Current Cravings: Spicy! I know its bad, but I have been craving Korean bbq/food! Oh! & Raisinets, weird cuz I hardly ever ate them before! I dont know how I even started craving it, but Ive bought two of those movie theater box size already! =X 

Weight gain/lost: I have gained an extra 3 lbs since last week. I was at 110 at my doctors appointment, I weighed my self earlier and I was at almost 113! I would say some of those weight went to my breast (thank you boobie gods! lol) John doesnt mind one bit? ;] The rest is most like placenta/fluids and whatever I just ate. I dont look pregnant from behind. I've always wanted to be one of those Mamas that didnt looked pregnant but as soon as they turned sideways its like 'BAM!' Ha!

The Bump: I officially feel pregnant. John says I've got the waddle down like Charlie Brown! Haha! I dont even notice myself waddling. However, I still have days ill get dressed and I look the same as I did pre-pregnancy, just a tad bloated. Which I'm not complaining at all about.

Movements: He's starting to be more active at night and I can feel him higher up in my tummy area. There was one time where I thought I felt him kick my ribs, but I doubt it though. I love feeling him move, even though it keeps me up at night. Its such a reassuring feeling to know he's wiggling away in my tums!

Looking Forward To: Fall! I'm over this heat! Summers out here is definitely not like ones in San Diego! Since moving here, Fall has easily become my favorite season! The colors, trends, crisp air, cool breeze.. everything! I mean it was always in my top two, Spring being the first, but now Fall has taken its place! I can't wait to be able to put my hair down again without feeling too hot or sticky around my neck. My hair has been up in a bun for most of the summer months.

Meaningful moments: Sitting in what would be baby's future nursery and tears rolling down cuz its slowly hitting me that in just a few short months, we'll have a baby living in this house. OH! & Reading to him for the first time. I read 'Guess How Much I Love You' aloud while rubbing my belly and sitting on the floor of his nursery! I felt little kicks, it was the best feeling in the world!

Dada's thoughts: So I'm actually starting to see baby move now, pretty soon he'll be doing backflips in momma's belly (Momma's gonna love that ;]).  It's good to know that baby boy is active, we're saying he's going to come out of momma high kicking like Karate Kid.  So Momma seems to be getting up early, sometimes before me just to eat cereal (weirdo).  I wish I was that dedicated to breakfast, but I'm way too tired that early in the morning, I could barely get up to take a shower.  Her back is also starting to hurt, a result of a growing baby in side her belly.  I feel real bad that her back is hurting, but I think I'm more happy that baby is getting bigger.  -Dada

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