22 Weeks: Sleep Deprived!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Baby Size: Corn on a Cob (according to Ovia app!)

Current Cravings: Its varied lately! But one thing that hasn't changed since I got pregnant is the need to eat cereal between 2-4 am! I've never eaten this much cereal before, Honey Bunches of Oats to be specific!

Weight gain/lost: It was fluctuating actually. Last week I gained an extra 3 lbs, this week I lost 2. Maybe its the lack of good rest/sleep or it could be the time of day that I weighed myself this week. 

The Bump: Is definitely still there and growing! Sometimes I dont feel like its getting any bigger until John comes home from duty days and says "your tummy grew!" or after we do our bi-weekly bump pictures! I definitely feel bigger at the end of the day after consuming all of the food and water! 

Movements: Weirdly enough, I wasnt getting as much movements from him earlier in the week! It worried me! Before Id feel him all day, but from Monday-Wed I barely felt him, but he's back to his normal self now! Maybe its me being sleep deprived. He figured one of us had to get some rest! ;]

Sleep: None. None at all! Ok, ok.. maybe 3-4 hours tops most of this week! It was very very frustrating that by the 5th night I finally broke down and cried at 2am! It mightve freaked out John a little bit because he woke and went downstairs with me til I finished crying and ate my cereal! Poor guy had to be up at 5am for work! When we got back up stairs he rubbed my back and off to sleep I went for a good 4 hours! Today was the first day I actually got about 6 hours this whole week. Its getting there! I thought insomnia didn't hit til third trimester, but pregnancy does differ from woman to woman! 

Looking Forward To: finishing the nursery! We got started on putting furniture in it yesterday and now Im just so eager to get it done, but I know we wont get it all done now! 

Meaningful moments: Putting the dresser we repurposed in the nursery! It was the first official item in there! And sitting in the room with John just admiring what we had so far and talking about baby stuff got us both filled with so much joy and excitement! I love sharing these little moments with John. Just us two (sometimes Pax) sitting quietly in the room, because in a few months we'll have a crying baby in the house! lol!

Dada's Thoughts: So finally finished the dresser for babies nursery and moved all the old furniture upstairs.  It's coming together really nice, baby's room be pimpin'. I'm actually really jealous, his room is freaking awesome, like Pinterest awesome, no.. like Houzz awesome.  I don't know if it's the nesting stage or just our excitement, but no matter how tired I am, I find whatever energy I have to work on the nursery.  I think whatever energy I'm finding to work on the nursery is coming from Momma.  She seems super exhausted all day, but no matter how tired she is, she has trouble sleeping at night.  I think baby also found his schedule, and that may be conflicting with Momma.  He's up and moving around while Momma sleeps and while she's up and about, baby is sleeping.  I wonder what babies dream about when they sleep?

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