23 Weeks: Well Rested, sorta!

Friday, August 28, 2015

I finally got some rest this week, well compared to last week! I'm still not getting a full 8 hours, but its better than 3-4 hours! Im not going to do my usual weekly update this week because I am out of energy at the moment, plus we gotta wake up at 430am for a sunrise maternity session! I just had to post a quick bump picture for the week! 

John and I finally hit the pool together this summer, just when its about to close! It sprinkled on us for a bit, but it lasted for about 10 minutes. There was only three other families out that day and it wasn't scorching hot! It felt weird because once I got in the water its like all the weight from my tummy disappeared! We swam for 45 minutes before calling a day cuz I still had to make dinner!

This week, I've been on  a baby crafting and sewing roll! Once I get inspirations, I cant stop! So I've been back and forth at Jo-Ann's, Hancock Fabrics and even Walmart for fabrics and whatever materials I need. I cant wait to blog about them! I've already posted about the first part of my 'Sew Fun' posts! Stay tuned for more! It's giving me something to do, especially because John will be a way for a few days because of work! So i'll have all my crafty, diy stuff and editing pictures to keep me occupied til he gets back! 

We also tested out the wrap that I got a few days ago. I think I did pretty good for the first time trying it! It was a lot easier than I thought! I love it! John on the other hand, tried to imitate my pose! Silly goose! 

Alright, Im drifting off now. Toodles!


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