Anatomy Scan & Hospital Tour!

Thursday, August 06, 2015

We had our 20 week anatomy scan yesterday! We always get so excited when its an ultrasound appointment! This is only our second ultrasound from our OB, and I hear if you have a normal pregnancy you usually only get two; however, since we did our gender scan early at 15 weeks, this would be our third ultrasound overall. I was hoping to be able to record it but when John was getting the camera ready, he asked the ultrasound tech and she said "Unfortunately, its not allowed." Lame! Then how come I see people posting videos of their ultrasounds? So sad, I wanted to be able to show my family! 

John came home at noon because our appointment was at 3, but I wanted to leave early to beat traffic because its usually traffic around that time heading towards our ob/gyn clinic. We didnt get called in the room til about 3:25 because there was another person ahead of us. The ultrasound lasted for about 15-20 minutes. The lady asked us before we get started if we were finding out the gender and we both said "nope, just confirming it!" She did measurements, then we listened to the heart beat (160 bpm), then she did the gender area. I was a little nervous that it might of changed, although I dont see how that could have happened because at 15w4d, it was super clear what it was! We're relieved to say, it is still definitely a boy! John sort of shouted with excitement! It was cute! She did more anatomy related stuff and measurements, as we watched our baby blessing move around and try to avoid the camera. He even puckered up his lips for us when she zoomed in and did the 4d. Ugh, my heart melted! I was so in-love! His features are starting to develop even more! Its amazing! After the ultrasound was over, she handed us copies, and off we went to meet with our OB for our routine check up. I am so glad that everything is perfectly fine and he is growing as he should measuring right on time with the EDD still at December 21! It'll definitely be the best Christmas gift ever! <3

We also did our Hospital Tour with SPAH! I know, it's a little too early, but I just wanted to be sure that this is where we wanted to be, considering it is quite the drive for us. 25-30 minutes (with traffic it can be up to 45minutes) and we have to drive over the high-rise bridge! I can already see the terror when I go in labor and we have to drive over that bridge and the ramp is up, oh boy! Anyway, so that's why I wanted to do the tour early to see what the hospital has to offer. We were so impressed! Everything they discussed sounded like we'll be in good hands. Plus I have heard nothing but good reviews from friends, friends of friends, and the social media world! I love that they are a Family Centered hospital, meaning baby stays in the room at all times, unless of course when the baby is needed in the nursery. I'll also have the option to have them look after the baby if we both want to take a quick nap. The other thing was that there are NO visiting hours, of course we have to be mindful of everyone else around us. They hold off on showers for atleast 12 hours, so as soon as baby comes out, you get skin to skin with them. The main thing that attracted us was the spacious rooms as well as security! I love that everything stays locked and that you need a pass to even enter and the patients are informed prior to allowing the guest in. Plus all the other perks! I dont think we'll be changing our minds and were definitely sticking with this one! Now these 4 months just need to fly by! Lol!


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