Babies 'R' Us Registry: Testing out the items!

Monday, August 03, 2015

John really wanted to take me out to brunch on Saturday at this restaurant called Hair of the Dog. Its kind of an odd name for a restaurant, but whatever! He heard about from one of his co-workers, so of course I couldn't turn down food! Dont be fooled by the name, the food was delicious! John ordered a bacon waffle with chicken and gravy and I got the hamburger, but instead of buns it was waffles! Yum!! Anyway, as soon as I stepped out of the car, I knew it was going to be one of those sinus allergy filled days. When the hot wind hit my face and my nose  and eyes started itching, I knew it was going to be a long day!  I was sneezing majority of the time we were eating and I thought I was fine after we ate and I drank a glass of water. Nope! We go to Babies R Us, and it just kept getting worse. It didnt help that I was in and out of the heat and A/C. I really wanted to enjoy doing this last in-store registry, but it was so hard with watery eyes, itchy nose, and sneezing constantly. But I tried anyway. 

When we got to the store, we were welcomed by the registry people and we filled out the form to get started. After she was done putting information in the computer, she handed us our welcome bag and a scanner and off we went. First stop, the stroller isle! I've had my eye out on a few strollers but neither were in any of the stores we've gone to: 1. Britax B-Ready 2. Uppa Baby Vista. These two strollers are a bit pricey but Ive heard nothing but good things about them. I also love how sleek they look. A good friend of ours talked highly of the Britax strolled they had, the B-Agile model. This model was in store, so we test drove it around. We also tried out the GB Evoq, which was lightweight but it looked bulky to me. Another stroller we tested out was the Chicco Urban. I really wanted to like it because I loved the look, but did not love the bulkiness of it. When looking at strollers, were looking for several things: easy to maneuver, lightweight, durability, storage, size, wheels, foldability, and be able to add attachments for the future if we end up having another kid. We wanted a travel system, but the two we want are sold separately. We figured if there were a few things we wanted to invest in, one of them would be a nice and dependable stroller that our son can grow in and still be able to use for future kids. 

As first time parents, starting a baby registry was overwhelming for us! There are so many things to consider and then there's the needs vs. the wants and the millions of baby products to choose from. I mean there are bajillion different brands for one sort of item. As if becoming parents wasn't already overwhelming enough, lets confuse them even more by throwing them down the baby isle filled with so many options! Oh boy! After trying to figure out the strollers, we decided we'd add the B-Ready in Slate or Black online because thats where they have it. As for the carseat, we're going with Britax B-Safe 35 in Slate Strie or Prescott. I just really love how lightweight and I've pushed around a Britax stroller before because my God-daughter has one, so I knew I wanted to go with it as well. We just went through each isle trying to figure out which ones we wanted and needed. It was funny when we got to the playpen area and John couldnt figure out how to put it back together and he just left it the way it was! I said to myself, "yup! you can tell we dont have kids!" 

We figured we'd finish it off by adding stuff online because I was not feeling good at all. By the end of it, I couldn't even keep my eyes open from being so itchy and watery. I was beginning to get frustrated so instead of it ending bad, we just called it quits. We did pretty good though! It was fun testing out different things. I'm importing both our Target and Babies R Us registry to our Baby List one. Its our universal registry and the one we want to link everyone to. It gives them different comparison of prices and different stores they can purchase from, whether online or in-store. So as soon as we're ready, we're gonna go public with it and send it off with our baby shower invites! :] Until then, I really have to try so hard to resist the temptation to buy any more baby items! 


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