Baby OOTD (Outfit of the Day)!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

I spend a lot of time in the future nursery, mostly in the morning after breakfast. Once a week I'll go in there grab a book and sit on the floor and read this little babe a book. Today, after I read I went in his closet to adore his cute little itsy bitsy baby clothes and picked out a few favorites and laid it on the bed. This baby is OOTD (outfit of the day) ready! These, to me, are so timeless and classic. That paper boy hat and suspenders is a must for a little boy's wardrobe! I can't wait to dress him up. He'll definitely look so much better than his mama, but lets be real, all the attention will go to him anyway! ;]

Denim Jumpsuit - Brand: Baby Gap || $6 from Once Upon a Child (Children's consignment store) 
--  I saw this jumpsuit the first time I ever checked out this place (this was my second visit), and when I saw it was still there, I knew I had to have it. I texted John a picture and he agreed! This was originally $8.50 but I had a discount. I bought three other items that day only costing me $15 for all the outfits I bought.  I know baby stuff can get expensive and most of the time they dont even get to wear most of the clothes they have as an infant, so I try to shop around at consignment stores. So far I've gotten lucky and found really good items, some of them with tags still! Score!!

Suspender Outfit - Brand: H&M (top) and Heidi Klum (shorts with suspenders) || Prices varies. 
-- This is two separate pieces that was bought separately. We found the shorts at Babies R Us on the clearance rack and it was an addition 20% off, the top we bought at H&M for $10. Normally I wouldn't buy it at regular price but it was too cute to let go, plus John insisted cuz he loved the collar and stripes. The hat I already had for my newborn collection. I also bought it at a consignment store a few years ago. Worked out perfectly! 

Shoes - Brand: Love Winnie James (size Small) || $13 from
-- I've been eyeing moccasins since I got pregnant! They are the cutest ever! I was originally looking at Freshly Picked but it was too pricey for my liking. Im sure quality is better, but why am I gonna spend $40 for something the baby will outgrow very quickly! I was scrolling through the Instagram explore when I discovered the Love Winnie James page and instantly started following them! I plan on getting another color in a Medium just cant decide yet! Shoes are originally $15 but I bought it when they had a flash sale. I purposely waited for a sale! Lol! 

Im sure Im not the only one who loves to bargain shop for their babies! I mean unless you've got ton of money and can afford to splurge on your babies, but nope, not I! ;]


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