Happy Wrap, Happy Momma!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The shipping was quick! We ordered the wrap on Sunday and it was delivered today! I was scrolling through my Instagram and saw that they were having a sale, and ya'll know me, I try and buy discounted as much as possible!! This wrap was on our registry and I was joking around with my Mom to buy it for me, and she actually said go ahead and order it and she'll pay for it! This was also the same time my parents said they'd buy the crib and mattress for us! Actually, my mom said make a list of things and she'll send money in September! Ahh! They're pretty amazing! This helps us a lot because I'm currently not working, aside from photography gigs, but that isn't enough to live off of, yet! And I don't go back to subbing until mid-Sept! Anyway, I couldn't wait to unbox my wrap! I have yet to try it out (with a teddy, of course).

I love the stripes!!! The mint colored one was sold out during the sale, but its okay cuz this Slate-Stripe one was the one on my registry! I'll probably try and practice wrapping around me sometime soon and have John test it out too! Its gonna be so weird seeing him with a wrap, but he already agreed that he'd be a baby wearing Dada! The packaging for Happy Baby Wrap is so adorable!! The box and the matching pouch is pretty awesome! We opted for this one and took the Moby out of our registry because it was recommended to me by a few Mamas that has used it with their own babies. I love that its lightweight and organic bamboo! It'll definitely be good for the summer! The Moby bamboo one was just a tad bit more expensive and they didn't have as much style and color to choose from! Another thing that caught my attention was that they donate 10% of their profits to charities that provide assistance to children and mommies all over the globe! So its a win, win! I get a cute stylish looking wrap while being able to help give back! :]

Ok, ok! So this next picture isn't about the Happy wrap, but I wanted to talk about how freaking awesome it was that I found this Ju-Ju-Be - Queen of the Nile - BFF diaper bag at Navy Exchange for a really good deal!! Retail for these babies are $180! I always thought I'd buy a 'designer' diaper bag like Michael Kors or Tory Burch, but lets be real, having a baby is already expensive, so I had to get that out of my thoughts! I also didn't want a plain 'ol Jane! John & I have been back and forth at the NEX in hopes that a new BFF bag would be in stock because they once had The Admiral there and I missed out on it! I had this bag and The Commodore in our registry, so I was so stoked to find it for such a good deal!! So far, I have not paid full retail prices for any of the Ju-Ju-Be items I currently own, and this bag makes 4! I really really would like The Commodore still because it'll go perfectly with my Admiral Super Star (hospital) bag, fuel cell and paci pod! I'm still on the look out and if I find it, I'll return this. Luckily the NEX gives us 45 days! If not, I'll sell it! 

Why did we decide on a JuJuBe? One, it was the first diaper bag that John actually agreed on! He first saw it when we were on our trip to San Francisco 2 months ago. It was a Toki Doki one, as cute as those were, I wasnt a fan of it! John liked the same ones I liked from the Legacy collection, so it was an easy choice! I considered his input because he'll be carrying it as well! I loved the materials used, feels nice and sturdy! The lining on the inside is nice and light in color which makes it easier to spot things when digging through the bag! It converts from a messenger back to a backpack! So, I'll probably convert them into a camera bag in the future or something! Either way, I'm one happy mommy-to-be and can not wait to actually put these to use!!

Another diaper bag I have my eye on is the Fawn Designs - The Doe in black! It looks just like a regular purse (that converts into a backpack as well). Its faux leather, but I dont need real leather to carry baby items (atleast thats what I like to tell myself). Its a cheaper route to the Lily Jade one I was also eyeing! Sigh, I swear there are so many baby products out there to choose from!


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